For those who don’t know me that well, I am TV obsessed! I do love films, and enjoy watching them. But I just don’t think you can beat a good series binge and my god do I binge.  

I have three addictions in my life…smoking, food and TV. Putting that in writing, I think I need to get my priorities sorted.  

I decided that I wanted to branch out slightly with my posts, not just doing beauty posts. But to talk about TV shows I’ve been enjoying, food that I am loving and maybe even the occasional book. I’ll have to take a leaf out of Jess’ blog for that one.  

The wait is over, your telly addict is here to let you know what’s worth watching and what was a flop! Here is what I have been watching in the month of September.  

Sharp Objects 

What a show this was! At first, I was a bit like WTF! It was hard to get to grips with, at times, I thought they’d forgotten what the main story line was, got a little lost.  

Quick Summary for you…girls being murdered in random town, not the first time something like this has happened. Woman, journalist played by Amy Adam (great by the way), used to live in the town and comes back to write a series of articles about her take on the murders. It’s all about discovering who the murderer is, but loads of other mini story lines along the way. 

It has murder, mystery, love, weirdness, pure dodgy bits and a FANTASTIC twist.  

Overall, if you like a bit of a weird programme but with a good story line, this is for you. Even though it was strange at times, as you felt the main story line was disappearing the ending was worth it all!  

Love Island Australia

My guilty pleasure. I do love a reality TV show at times and this one, I get extremely addicted too. After the UK one had finished, I felt lost. Then it was announced that they were showing the Australian version, promised to be even better from our one. More drama, more sex, everything I look for in a programme!  

Now I have enjoyed this and I am still watching it, but I would disagree with the above statement. There is no hanky panky…that I have noticed anyway. Drama, yes, a fair few arguments. Some were great in fact. But I don’t think they were worse than what we see in the UK version.  

I would recommend Love Island Australia, if you’ve seen the UK one and enjoyed it. If you don’t watch it and have a strong opinion about how crap the programme is, jog on and don’t watch.  

Celebrity Big Brother 

Another reality show for you, I am sure after all these years, you do not need me to explain what this show is all about.   

I have to be honest, haven’t watching this for a number of years. It started to get boring and very predictable, with very little celebrities to be seen. Not sure why I decided to watch it this year, but I am glad I did. What a drama punch gate was, and if you don’t know what I am talking about…are you living under a rock? Google Ryan and Roxanne and the story will come up.  

I actually really enjoyed this year and didn’t miss any episode, sadly, that was the last time they will ever do Celebrity Big Brother…until someone buys the idea.  

If you are interested in watching it, 5OD are keeping it until 2019, so plenty of time to watch it. 


I love a programme to do with crime, any kind, I love a good cop show. I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds and when I heard Shermar Moore was producing a new show I was quite excited to see what it was all about.  

Finally released in the UK, it’s a show and record and sit and watch with my mum on a Monday night.  

Now, for those who love a bit of a bod shot of Shermar, topless shots are available at least every 2 episodes. He is obviously the main star and he does play a great role of a team leader to build a relationship between the LAPD and the community.  

He’s your typical good cop, that wants to serve his community, his brothers in blue, with a sense of justice, but always willing to break the rules. Not to just solve the case mind, but to ensure justice is served where needed.  

I am really enjoying this series so far and looking forward to how the first season ends.  

Well, that’s what I have been enjoying recently. I have also started some more shows and I cannot wait to tell you about them.  

What have you been watching?  


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