If you’ve never heard of a Roku, you need to look this up. It has completely changed my life when it comes to TV.

I love watching and binging a television programme, I’m quite the addict once I’ve started a show that I love. It’s like when you find that perfect book, that you just can’t put down. Well with TV, I can’t sleep without watching as many episodes as possible.

A Roku is a USB device that you plug into your TV and allows you to stream programmes or films from apps on their system. My favourite being Netflix, Now TV and the demand ones from channels off the TV, like Channel 4.

I wanted to share with you, what I am currently watching on these stations and tell you a bit about why I love them so much.

NOW TV // Criminal Minds Box Set

So NOW TV has the complete box set of Criminal Minds, undoubtedly one of my favourite TV programmes ever. For a couple of years, I really got out of the habit of keeping up with the new episodes to this series. But recently, thanks to Jess, I have started watching them again and catching up. Once I had caught up on all the new episodes I could, I decided to start it from the beginning and this totally rekindled my love for it. I have an obsession when it comes to US crime programmes, I think it really is what they do best when it comes to TV.  If you love crime programmes, especially ones that delve into the behaviour of the criminal, then you’ll love this.

NOW TV // The Walking Dead

The great thing about NOW TV is that it puts brand new programmes up from certain sky channels, within hours of them being shown. This way, I was able to stay up to date with the new episodes of The Walking Dead. This programme has been such a phenomenon and something that hasn’t been done well for such a long time. Sadly, season 8 has seen their ratings drop, which is disappointing but understandable. Out of all the seasons, this one has been the hardest to watch, as it just wasn’t flowing enough for me. Nothing to keep me excited to watch the next episode and being frustrated that I would have to wait a week. To the point where I have actually stopped watching it for a while now and I am struggling to get back into.

ALL 4 // Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares US

Might sound a bit of a weird one for me to watch, but I do love me some Gordon Ramsey and even though I have seen all of these, it makes it the best programme for me to watch while I am blogging. As I can easily dip in and out of watching it, knowing I haven’t missed an integral part like I was finding with Criminal Minds. I just love how he goes from “your food is absolute s**t” to “I have done up your restaurant and now you’ll be a success”. To me, this is hilarious viewing and I can’t help but laugh and gasp and them. Like the episode I’m watching right now, this old dude dropped and chicken wing on the floor, picks it up and puts it straight into the fryer. Tells Gordan that when it goes into the fryer it will clean it and sterilise it! Honestly, laughing so hard right now! When he tells the owner, his face is a pure picture of “say it ain’t so”.

NETFLIX // Orphan Black

This was recommended to me by a friend on facebook. Every so often, I post asking for recommendations on stuff to watch and this was one of them and I am so glad they did. This programme is very different to anything else I have ever watched and it kept me hooked season after season. In a nutshell, without giving too much away, it’s about a woman who thinks she’s leading a normal life until she finds out that there is another version of her. Then it has further twists and turns, drama, science fiction and tells you the story of how and why this happened. It really hooked me and I found it so interesting to watch. I even managed to get my sister to like it, she binged watched it within a couple of weeks!

It won’t be long until I have finished rewatching Criminal Minds and I will be sad when this happens, as I do really love it.

What shows would you recommend me watching?