Something a bit different for me, but you wanted more food posts. So here I am, telling you all about how to make my Triple Chocolate Cheesecake.

This was originally from a recipe from one of the Sunday papers. When I first tried it out, it was terrible! But with a few tweaks, I have made it perfect.

Serves 6…apparently! If you’re anything like my family, serves around 4 ha!

What you need!
It’s all about that base!

♡ 300g milk chocolate digestives, crushed (put them in the food processor, or do as I did and vent of a little aggression with a good whack of the rolling pin!)

♡ 50g butter (I sometimes add a little more, basically you want the base to be good enough to mould into the bottom of the tin. Don’t do what I did and add too much butter and it ends up being a greasy mess! If you like a fatter base, it’s not always a terrble thing, just add some more digestives.)

My favourite part, the filling!  

♡ 200g white chocolate,  (I use a Milky Bar, as they’re on me!)
♡ 300ml double cream
♡ 300g full fat cream cheese 
♡ 1 tsp vanilla extract (I use to only put 1/2 in, but I love vanilla so much)
♡ 100g dark chocolate (I prefer Bourneville)

Here’s how I roll!

♡ Line the bottom of a springform tin that’s around 20cm. Sometimes I tend to use a 23cm one, as it’s the only one I can find most of the time. I always put a bit of butter on the bottom to help the greaseproof paper stay down.

♡ Mix the crushed biscuits with the butter and press into the tin. Use the back of a spoon, makes it so much easier to push it down flat.

♡ It’s filling time! You need to melt the white chocolate. I tend to break them up into chunks, put in a bowl over hot water on the hob, making sure the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.  Watching it closely to make sure it doesn’t burn, white chocolate burns quicker.  Once done, set it aside to cool down.

♡ Grab your double cream, and take 3 tablespoons to put in a separate bowl, you’ll be using that later. Pour the remainder of the cream into a large bowl with the cream cheese and the vanilla. Then whisk together until smooth and gorgeous. If whisking by hand, you’ll notice it can get a little lumpy. Don’t panic, just crack on, with the thought of cheesecake in mind, and it’ll come together, no bother. Try not to eat too much of it, I am so guilty of that!

♡ Add the melted white chocolate, hopefully, it’s cooled down now. If not, take it outside in the cold like I did. Whisk together until smooth and thick, then lick the remaining bits off the whisk! 

♡ With the filling, you want to take 6 tablespoons and pop this into a bowl, we’ll come back to this later. Spoon the rest of the filling on top of your base and smooth it all out. You then want to pop this into the fridge to set for 30 minutes. 

This is where I tend to take a break, waiting for the 30 minutes. You could prepare for the next steps, but as it involves cream and more melted chocolate, I always panic that this will spoil while waiting.

You could easily fit in an episode of Friends while you wait! I would suggest “The One With All The Cheesecakes”.

♡ Now you want to add the two reserved bits together. So that’s the double cream and the vanilla filling. Make sure it’s smooth and then add this as a topping to your cheesecake that’s, finger crossed, set. 

♡ You want to melt the dark chocolate, which I tend to do in the microwave, with quick 10 second bursts. I am lazy and I am all for a shortcut. So just watch it and make sure it doesn’t burn.

♡ I then get a small teaspoon and whip this across the top of the cheesecake, in an artistic kind of way. 

♡ Once done, put in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours. The longer the better though, as it makes sure it sets properly. 

That’s it! All done and trust me it’s beautiful. Writing this, I now want to make some more.

My family absolutely loved this, to me it kind of tastes like a cheesecake version of a Viennetta.

If anyone tries this, please tag me in your pictures on social media, @allthingsjacqui

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