I don’t know whether you have guessed or not, but today’s post is about time management. The reason why I am writing about this is this is something I struggle with, week in and week out.

I feel if I share my stores and experiences, it may help someone else out there who has similar challenges.

08.30 Till 17.00 – Monday to Friday

I do have a full time job that I am very committed to. Without my job I couldn’t afford to buy half the stuff I review. I obviously could spend the time after work doing things for my blog, but would I ever then get a break for some me time?

When I get home from work, where I spend 7 hours looking at a screen, the last thing I want to do is jump straight on my Mac and start blogging; I couldn’t look at the screen any longer.

I will do it if necessary, but I actually use the time after work to chill out and catch up with the social media part of blogging.

I used to post twice a week, on a Monday and Friday. I found that this was really stressed me out. To plan, write, proof read, photography etc. for two posts a week, was just not working for me with a full time job.

I have decided to drop to one post a week, on a Wednesday. This has given me so much more time and less stress, meaning better quality.

As I work Monday to Friday, I tend to use all my weekends to do the planning of a blog post, the writing and the photography, making it hard to fit that and a social life together.

Organisation is Key

I am a really organised person, well most of the time. However, I am also a major stress head and this is why I have to plan as much as possible. I am not a wing it kind of girl! Preparation, preparation, preparation.

I wanted to share a few things I use to try and keep me as organised as I can possibly be. Without these for the past couple of months, I think my blogging would have really gone downhill, to the point where I wouldn’t have been able to post at all.

Jessica Jade Designs // these have been a God send to me. Not only are they insanely pretty and totally my style, but also they are so practical and helpful when it comes to planning.

I have 3 of them, the Blogger Planner, Weekly Blog Planner and the Detailed Blog Planner. I think my favourite has to be the detailed one, just because there are so many hints and reminders of everything you need to do. Social media, photography, notes about the post you want to write, tags, scheduling…EVERYTHING!

Hootsuite // If you haven’t heard of this, you need this or a similar one in your life. This is the website I use to schedule all of my social media posts. I do try and do this as much as possible, as of late, I just posted as and when I had something to say.

I am trying to be more interactive at the moment and this really helps for those times of the days where I am at work, but still want something to go up on my page.

I sometimes spend weekends putting a list together for a post to go up daily. Then use this site to schedule them all. It’s synced with my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I just write up my posts, set them for the time and date I want them up and that’s it.

This site is very problematic when it comes to Instagram though, as it won’t just post them. You are required to authorise them to go up at the time it’s scheduled, but it’s quite simple and doesn’t take too long; I prefer this than writing up the whole post at the time I want them to go up.

Lists // I am a lady who loves a good list; couldn’t live without them & use them in all aspects of my life. I make a lot of lists when it comes to blogging, such as: post ideas I want to write, social media posts, products I want to buy or review, photographs that I need to take.

Diary // Once I have made lists of what posts I would like to be writing over the next couple of weeks, I then get my diary and plan out what days those posts will go up. I organise my time before that, ensuring I have time to plan, write, take photos and proof read before the post is due to come up.

I know we all have diaries on our phones, but when it comes to things like this, I much prefer having one I can write in and it’s dedicated to just my blogging.

Without lists, I think I would just be a little lost as I need structure, and lists help me to do this.

Me? Unsocial?

In the world of blogging, it does mean that you have to sacrifice a bit of your social life. I wasn’t that social to begin with, so this didn’t bother me as much, but as time has gone on, I am going out a lot more, spending time with family and friends, and taking trips away.

Trying to juggle a social life while working full time and being a blogger, is such hard work and something I struggle with all the time.

That’s why all my organisational tips above really help me, as I can spend my free time planning and scheduling as much as possible for my blog, but also the group I am an admin too on Facebook, Beauty Bloggers Corner. Then all my other time is spent hanging out with my family and friends.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy and sometimes my organisation might slip if I am not as planned ahead as I would like to be; but don’t cut out your social life, you just need to find that happy balance.

I hope some of my tips and tricks will help you. If you have any for me, they are always welcome. I love organisation, especially if it involves stationery.