If you have been on my social media recently, you would have seen that I wanted to do more food based posts.

I have a great passion for food (explains my rotund figure) because I love going out, staying in, cooking, take aways, trying new food…I am obsessed!

One of my favourite days of the week is Sunday, not just because I am not working, but it’s the day that me and my family get together and have a full on Sunday roast.

I am a big meat eater, so apologies to any veggies/vegans reading this, as this is definitely a meat related post.

One of my favourite butchers to go to is Aubrey Allen, not only for their produce, but there amazing knowledge and customer service.

They are based in Leamington Spa, on Warwick Street. Great access for me as I work in town, so I occasionally pop in to their deli “Aubrey Allez” for a coffee based next door to their butcher.

Like I said, every Sunday, we always have to get a joint of meat in, and my favourite is beef. When it comes to beef, I am not keen on the joints in the supermarket, I am more of a butcher girl.

Recently I popped into Aubrey Allen to purchase a top side joint of beef, one of my favourite cuts. I’ll be honest, most of the time my Mum will always go and get the meat, but on this occasion, my sister and I went.

We were served by a lovely lady; I told her exactly what we were looking for and how much we would usually pay, which would be around £25, which to some people might sound expensive, but I’ll explain why it’s good value.

We ended up paying £26.33 for a Top Side Joint of Beef weighing 1.89kilos (4.2lbs) we were pretty chuffed with ourselves. When we returned home, like Jack returning from selling the cow and getting his beans, we were hoping that mum would be as happy as we were, luckily she was…PHEW!


Now when it comes to cooking, we cover the joint in beef dripping, put in the oven at 200°C fan for 30 minutes, then turn it down to 180°C and leave it for an hour, this ensures that it’s cooked rare.

I love rare meat when it comes to beef, if it’s over cooked, I really don’t enjoy eating it, the pinker the better.

Now the reason I say it’s worth the money, as this joint cost near £27, but the amount of meals we get from this is great. This served 6 Sunday meals, meat and chips the next day and beef sandwiches for the week. To me, it’s completely worth it, when you get at least 8 meals and numerous lunches.

To us, Sunday is a tradition, a time where all the family get together, talk about their week and it’s just so nice to have a catch up. I love spending time with my family and that’s why I never arrange anything that would conflict with my Sunday dinner. It’s my favourite time of the week, I wouldn’t miss it for anything….well unless I was out of the area.

The beef was gorgeous, succulent and oodles of flavour and this is why I always recommend going to a butcher for certain meats.

If you’re local to me, I would definitely recommend Aubrey Allen. Their meat is stunning, the shop itself is welcoming and has a great layout. Then being served by butchers who know what they are talking about, but also recommend their favourite things to eat, just makes it homely and like you’re being served by family.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first post based on food, I definitely want to do more of these.

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