Hi Guys,

I wanted to add a new series in my blog about what it’s like being a single woman in this day and age.

I have been single now for 3 years…urgh…I have had 3 serious relationships in the past…two of those I was engaged too and a step mum as well and for one reason or another, they ended.

For the past 3 years, I have been trying to look after myself and try and be happy within myself. I haven’t done very well, don’t get me wrong I am mentally happy but physically, my weight is a big issue for me, something I plan on sorting again this year.

So I joined Tinder years ago, but have never actually met anyone off it. For those who don’t know tinder, it’s an app you can get on your phone to meet other people. Now Tinder doesn’t have the best reputation, but I know people who have met there partners through it, so it must work now and again. You can set your preferences in regards to location, gender and age. I have never been on it continuously, for one reason or another, something puts me off and I end up deactivating my account.

I was sat with my friend and we were going through my tinder account and it struck me…why not write about my experiences.


It was going really well, he was such a lovely guy, we had a lot in common and he had a similar sense of humour to myself. He mentioned that he had a child, which to be fair, finding someone my age, that doesn’t have kids, is quite hard to come across.

So we were chatting for about 24 hours, about random things. Jobs, where we live, what we like to watch on TV, tattoos, whether pineapple belongs on a pizza (which it does not), like I said, we had a lot in common, so I decided to exchange numbers with him.

He then asked the question of “are there any deal breaks for you?” to which I said, drugs. Drugs is something I personally don’t want around me, don’t get me wrong, I have no judgement, each to their own, but for me, in a potential partner, which lets be honest, that’s what I am on tinder for, it’s a big no no for me.

Unfortunately, he told me that he does smoke weed on occasions, which to him wasn’t a big deal, but for me, a drug is a drug. Now we could have just left it there amicably, we disagreed and we could of said our goodbyes…but oh no, that’s not how it went.

He decided to lecture me on how weed should be legalised, it helps him with his bad back, no difference between weed and alcohol etc. Which is fine, that’s his opinion, but its the way he went about it. Basically telling me that I should research it, it’s not as bad as I think. It was like I didn’t have a brain to make my own thoughts and that I should think like him and just get over it…NO! I have my own mind and I can think what I want, but he was shoving him opinion down my throat, like I was a bad person and I hate people who take drugs. That’s not the case at all, I just don’t want them around me and that’s my right.

So my first experience on tinder, wasn’t the best, but I was persist to see who else I can find and keep you updated.