As promised, I have finally written the review for the lipstick I purchased at M&S from the Rosie from Autograph range.

I bought mine in the shade ‘Lady Rose’ and I picked this because I thought it was quite a neutral colour without going too pale.

This lipstick was £14 from M&S and I have to be honest, it was completely worth it.

Firstly, isn’t the packaging gorgeous! Just like the eyeshadow palette I bought, it’s in that lovely rose gold, metallic coating. The other great thing about the packaging, is the lid is magnetic, so stays in place, which is great for me as the lid alway comes off in my handbag.

The colour is absolutely gorgeous, it goes onto the lips like melted galaxy chocolate, smooth and delious! It even smells like chocolate.

I can’t praise this lipstick enough, it’s converted me! I am not a lipstick person, I never wear it and now…it’s made me obsessed and my collection is growing.

I think this can be used for any occasion, I have worn it to work, but also worn it going out at night, just added some lip liner to make more of a statement.

I would definitely recommend this lipstick to add to your collection and I can’t wait to buy some other colours from this range.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it xXx