Colour correcting, one of the things I should do, but always forget about. With my skin, it’s necessary. Today I am bringing you my thoughts on the Revolution Cushion Correctors.

I recently splurged on the Revolution Beauty website. I only went on to buy the Fast Base Foundation, which I have recently given my opinion on. But you know those few words that send your brain into a spiral? “Free Delivery on Orders Over £35”, how could I resist?

When I was surfing the face products on the website, I came across these new beauties and with me being on the hunt for trying new things, I thought these would be amazing to give a go.

For £4, what a bargain, so I bought 2, the green and the peach. Green to cover the redness and peach to disguise my under-eye bags, which are no Michael Kors I can tell you. There were 3 more colours in the collection, orange, banana, and light.

These little cushions have made colour correcting so much easier, especially for a lazy girl like me. In 3 easy steps, correcting my flaws has never been quicker. Unscrew, pump and place.

The packaging is very plain and simple, which I like. A black tube with a gold label running around it. The pumping gadget is very innovative, especially as the corrector doesn’t dry out like previous ones I’ve had in palettes.

The pigmentation is so good, I can get rid of all my flaws with a dab of a sponge and it is so creamy as well. For the price, I was thrilled and for the ease I was ecstatic.

It blends well and sits perfectly under foundation, which is key when it comes to colour correcting. The last thing you want is for your skin to look like The Hulk with shades of green poking through.

Thinking about whether I would re-purchase these once I have finished them and I would say yes. These are the best concealers I have tried, and they are so inexpensive and amazing quality.

Has anyone tried these yet or planning to get your hands on them?

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