A bit late to the party, but better late than never right? Today I am bringing you my opinion on the newish Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick and boy am I excited to share.

So, guys, I think the best way to start these reviews is to explain why I bought it.

I am a foundation whore and I just can’t help myself. When I see a new foundation hit the market, I must restrain myself from buying it. Luckily most of the ones I want to try are high-end and I do not have the bank balance for that right now. You can understand my excitement when a cheap foundation is dangling in front of my eyes.

Me being me, I am always on the hunt for new foundations. If you’ve seen my social media recently, it’s a constant question I ask. I’ve ever been asking friends “what foundation are you wearing?”, I’m obsessed!
This one, is just something I kept seeing on the internet, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. And it’s from a brand that I am in love with. The only other stick foundation I had tried, was one from MaxFactor, so I didn’t really have much to go on. I had to try it!

The Outside

For a high-street brand, I am always fascinated by Revolution Beauty’s new releases and the effort they put into their packaging to make it more appealing.

On this occasion, I think the colour scheme was stunning. Matte pink…you had already won me over and gold foiled writing. But you could tell it was quite cheap plastic as it was so lightweight, but the bonus of that is, you can take it anywhere with you, without even noticing it’s there.

The Facts

I always like going through the claims of a product, to see whether they did live up to them. But also, to give you some information.

The foundation stick is only £5…. £5!! Revolution knows how to tempt a girl and giving good products for good money, how can a girl resist.

Now here are the claims that Revolution Beauty gives this foundation stick.

Wow…I’m blown away by the effort here guys. I guess they went with the subtle but powerful 2 sentence approach.

Personally, I do prefer a description to be a lot more in-depth, but I guess not all companies feel the same.

Sadly though, the first sentence didn’t live up to my expectations. The “Fast” Base Foundation Stick, was anything but. I spent the exact same amount of time blending my foundation, maybe more, than my normal liquid foundations.

But I love the fact that they already have 18 shades in their collection, which can be used for multiple purposes for contouring and highlighting.

My favourite things about this foundation though is the finish and how beautiful and natural it was. All my foundations are very matte, but this one has a stunning dewy look to it, something I am not used too. It has a good medium coverage, doesn’t cover everything as my freckles are still peeking through, but it gives it a good go. Enough for me to leave my house anyway.

Putting it to the test

The deal breaker on a foundation for me is, the lasting power. I do not have much of a social life (yes, a little bit of a loser) so when I do out, mainly to work, it must last the day.

The last thing I need is to be at work and my real-life face starts poking through. This would not be a good look for me and very much scary to my colleagues.

For a £5 foundation stick, I wasn’t expecting miracles. But I was still disappointed, after only a couple of hours, it started to come off my problem areas.

All the liquid foundations I have tried over the years, nothing looked as blatant as this one when it came to breaking down on my face. You could noticeably see that the foundation had completely rubbed off my forehead, nose, and chin. Now, these areas do not shock me, as that is where my oily skin is, so it makes sense.

In all fairness to this foundation stick, it doesn’t claim to be long lasting and guys…it’s £5. But I always judge a foundation by its longevity, so I always review that part whether it’s in the claims or not. As this is something I would expect to see in a foundation review.

Would I use it again?

Not only would I use it again, I already have. It is great for those days where you don’t need to look your best, but you need to look alive.

Every Sunday I take my Mum food shopping, and this is perfect for those occasions where you need to look less zombified and more natural, I just got out of bed look.

This isn’t something I would use on a night out or for work, as the coverage and longevity just aren’t there for me.

Have you guys tried it? What did you think?

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