Has anyone else got that Friday feeling? I love weekends, its the best time to catch up on other people’s blogs…and your own of course.

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Anyway, onto the review.

I have heard so many things about this powder and I have been dying to get my hands on it for months now. It was in most people’s favourites for 2016, which I love watching, as I know, if they are featured in those videos…they must be good.

I looked to purchase it on Amazon, to save me ordering it from America, but the prices were outrageous, people were looking for £30 upwards and there was no way I was going to spend that, so I decided to leave it.

I was just generally looking through the Beauty Bay website, as I do and guess what appeared…they had finally restocked the RCMA No-Colour Powder, I was beyond excited.

I put my purchase through with Beauty Bay and it was £12.00. To me that is a bit expensive for a powder to set my under eye, but I had to try it, as I have had no luck with other powders.

As always, I ha a very quick delivery, literally, less than 24 hours, I was blown away. I have heard that a few people have had problems with Beauty Bay, but so far, it has been nothing but perfect for me (touch wood).


  • Light weight
  • As it says, no colour, so doesn’t adapt the colour of your make up
  • Sets concealer flawlessly
  • Doesn’t sit on my fine lines under my eye line
  • High quality and finely milled
  • I think the price is good considering the quality


  • Not yet found one about the product, this is by far my favourite powder, but I just wish it was more widely available

I have quite dry skin and I always find it hard to find the right powder, one that doesn’t cling to my dry patches, especially under my eyes and I just find this one sits on my face flawlessly and doesn’t enhance the texture on my face.

I know a lot of people have said that they don’t like the herb shaker packaging. But I have hated the tubs that you usually get loose powders in and always end up with the product on the table, phone, floor, basically anything in close proximity. Where with this, I just tap it into the centre of my hand and put my brush in it, saves on product too.

This is definitely a product I would keep re-purchasing, for me, it’s completely worth the price.

Has anyone else tried this powder? What were your thoughts? Comment below and make sure you mention what your skin type is.