I recently posted a picture on Instagram, about what posts you would like to see on my site. A lot of people seemed interested in a Q&A/getting to know me post. I have previously done a getting to know me segment in the past. So I thought, why not do a Q&A but get the questions from my followers?

I wanted to answer questions that came from you guys, so you were getting to know exactly what you wanted to know about me.

So grab a cuppa, a snack and a blanket and let’s hit it off!

What do you do for your day job? @thatswhatsupblogger 

I work for a company within the healthcare sector and I’ve been with them for over 5 years now. It’s a great family run company in my home town, so it’s close to my heart in a way. Even though I am not directly helping those who need care, I still value that I am a small cog within the sector.

When I first started working for the company, I started off as an administrator, doing anything from booking interviews to making ID badges. 5 years later, I am now the manager of a brilliant Compliance Team dedicated to making sure that the carers we employ have had the sufficient checks to be working. I am very lucky to have the team I have, without them, where would I be? A good manager is great because of the team they have.

How do you plan your blogs? @atbdippallinaik 

I have lots of planners and notepads where I try and plan out my blog posts. Most of the time though, my complete posts are done spur of the moment. When I have the motivation and drive to write, I sit in front of the keyboard and just go, it’s much more natural, I find.

When I really try and plan each and every detail, I do find that my blog post becomes less…me!

What I do plan is the subjects, I make a list of posts that I want to do and then work my way through them. Then once I have completed one, I write a list of photos I need to take for that post and onto the next one I go.

Why did you want to become a beauty blogger? @dewolftessa

I don’t really know where the idea came from to be honest. I have always enjoyed writing, done numerous blogs in the past, all for more personal use to be honest.

After watching so many people on YouTube, I just thought, why not? I am not camera friendly…yet, but as I said, I love writing. So I decided to go down the blog route instead.

The reason I went for beauty at first, is at that time, all I was watching on YouTube was beauty influences. I started to become addicted to buying make up and thought, why not review it?

I think this also answers @herquarters question as well.

Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years? @everything_meli 

I WISH I KNEW!! I have no idea, if I am being completely honest.

I have certain aspirations and goals, but nothing major or career orientated, to be frank.

I am a big romantic, so my main thing is hopefully to be in my own house, with a husband. Not sure about the whole kid thing, so the house and the husband will do.

What’s your blogging goals? @everything_meli 

I think it’s the same as everyone. To be noticed.

I am very much interested in becoming a full time blogger, but whether that happens or not, isn’t the end of the world.

I enjoy what I do and try my hardest while working a full time job, which at times is difficult.

I would love for my blog to grow and have a larger audience, but things like this take time, so just waiting for my big break of lots of hits one day.

What goals do you have for next year? @settoglow

For next year specifically, I want to start working with more companies. I have a few opportunities already in the pipe line, but I would like to expand this quite a lot. To have a range of different companies and products, supporting my site would be great.


What do you do when you’re not blogging? @shewritesaboutit

When I am not blogging or working, I basically just chill as much as possible, either by myself, or with friends and family.

I love binge watching TV programmes, I have a slight obsession with getting through as much as I can, as quickly as I can. If you have any recommendations, please let me know, especially love crime programmes.

How did you get started? @thepinkadour

I was already aware of WordPress, due to using it in the past for other blogs I had created.

I decided to just use this again, as I liked the set up last time. From there I then put social media pages together, as this is a must when blogging.

Since then, I have gone self-hosted with Bluehost and you do get a lot more choice as to how to customise your site, which I absolutely love. Even though, after only a few months, I already fancy a change, as I am so indecisive.

What’s your dream job? @lisabeauty

I’ve never really had a dream job to be honest. When I was a kid, I had various ideas of what I wanted to be. Changing from one week to the next. Teacher, journalist, designer, Police Officer, but when I got my first job, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.

My 29th Birthday is coming up and even now, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I would still love to be a journalist, this is one of the jobs that has always stuck with me. Even though I do not have the best English skills, I still love writing, but is it something I would pursue, I don’t know. I am kind of living that dream through my blog…So my dream has come true in a sense.

What does blogging mean to you and if you can change anything about the blogging world, what would it be? @alifya_lifestyle

Blogging to me is living the dream. Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to be a journalist at one point in my life but I don’t think I would have ever fitted into that lifestyle.

Blogging means I can express myself; to put my opinion out there, in the way I want to do it. No one telling me how or what to write, or being censored. I get to live my dream of journalism through my own hard work and for myself.

If I could change anything, it would be the unsupportive side of blogging. Going through your statistics and seeing that people who followed you on social media, have unfollowed since you reciprocated. I really don’t see the point in this, I am all for building your numbers, but to unfollow someone who has shown the decency to follow you back and support you, I find a hard pill to swallow.

There are so many amazing, supportive bloggers out there, really trying to help others build their online presence. But when people do things just for themselves, I find that really selfish and not part of the blogging community I like.

What did you used to study if you did? Favourite subjects at school? @jessjadebeauty 

When I left secondary school I was a little bit lost, I’ll be completely honest. I was expecting to get into sixth form, but due to my grades, that wasn’t going to happen.

I made the quick decision to go to college, a lot of my friends were going to college so they said I should as well carry on my education. At that age, I didn’t know (and still don’t) what I wanted to do with my life. I opted for a course that I thought was quite generic and whatever path I decided on in the future, this course would potentially help.

For the next 3 years, I was at college getting my BTEC First and National Diploma in Business. Have I ever used it? No. If I was giving advice, kids, make sure you always have a backup plan as to what you want to do. If you put your hopes into one thing and don’t get it, quick decisions can change so much.

Favourite subjects when I was at school were music. I love singing, so every opportunity I had, I would take it. Food technology was another one, not only do I love eating, but I do like cooking as well. It’s one of those skills that I really think all kids should learn from a young age. It’s something that will help you through the rest of your life. How often do you use the things you learnt in science? But food technology, you have 3 meals a day people; knowing how to cook them really preps you for adult life.

What is your favourite thing to do to relax? @sooz2181

This is an easy and quick one for me haha and one of my favourite things to do. Bubble bath, face masks, TV box set, take away, snacks, hot beverages, comfy clothes and a blanket. Simple, but oh so effective.

What is your favourite beauty product? @jennaleeglam 

It has to be my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, just because it’s been my staple foundation for a while now. However, I think this is about to change, because I need to find a new full coverage, lighter foundation. I am having a really bad skin month and the foundation does not suit my skin anymore. I have never really had oily skin, but all of a sudden, my nose, chin and cheeks are oily and the foundation isn’t lasting now.

Any recommendations are welcome guys, help a girl out!

So that’s all the questions for now, otherwise this will turn into an even longer post!

If you made it to the end, well done, this was a long one, longer than my usual. I loved all the questions that were coming through, I just couldn’t find a place to stop.

I will stop rambling now though! If you enjoyed this please comment below and let me know whether you would like the Q&A to make another appearance in the future.