Eeeeeek I have received another nomination since starting my blog only 2 months ago, how exciting. Thank you so much too Katie Blogs It All for the nomination, I am absolutely honoured. Make sure you go and check her blog out, it’s amazing!!


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7 facts about me: 

  1. I love food, I enjoy going out to restaurants, take out and making my own. Just love everything to do with food…apart from the food I don’t like.
  2. I love music, I listen to all different kinds and I really love singing, it’s one of my biggest passions.
  3. I am a big family and friend person, they are my life. My family are like my best friends, I love spending time with them and going away together. My friends are like my family, they all mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.
  4. I am very passionate about my job, I am a slight workaholic
  5. I love makeup and experimenting with new looks
  6. I have addiction to TV shows, I love watching series back to back and I haven’t done this for a while, as I have been so busy. But can’t wait to get back into the swing of it and watching new seasons.
  7. I am a big crime buff, love all sorts of crime programmes, especially American ones. I was massively addicted to Making A Murderer