I’ve decided to do a new series on my site, basically telling you all about my favourite items from one brand.

I have to say, my all-time favourite brand has to be Morphe. I have quite a few products from them now and I am never disappointed. When asked, what would you recommend? Most of the time it’s a Morphe product. It’s just a shame they aren’t more accessible in the UK. Yes, you can get a wide range of their products from sites like Beauty Bay, but not everything; and new releases take that little bit longer, though not always. High profile releases like the Jaclyn Hill collab didn’t take long to hit the UK at all thanks to Beauty Bay, hence why I love this website.

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffing Brush // I don’t really use a brush that often when it comes to foundation. I am more of a sponge kinda gal. But on those lazy days where I can’t be arsed to go and dampen my sponge, or I just want to get some coverage on my face and skate out the house, this is my go-to brush. Its chunkiness allows you to whack that foundation all over your face and buff it into the skin like a dream. When I use a brush, I never wipe it on as it leaves stripes. If I wanted to be a leopard, then I would but I love nothing more than a flawless finish. So I do a mix of circular motions with a bit of a pouncing movement after, to really set that foundation down on my face. If you love using a brush for your foundation, this would always be my first recommendation.

Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge // HOLY GRAIL ALERT! This is my sponge for everything. This has to be my favourite for applying my foundation. It packs on my foundation, without soaking up most of the product and gives me full coverage, something I don’t get with a brush. I also sometimes use this for blending my concealer and using loose powder to set, and it does a great job of doing that.

Morphe G2 Pointed Buffer Brush // I use this to buff my concealer into place. My under eye is a massive issue of mine, as my skin is difficult to deal with under there. So no matter what, my concealer never looks great. This brush does do a great job of buffing my concealer into place and even with high coverage concealer, it still manages to give a natural finish.

Morphe G35 Pointed Powder Brush // This is the brush I use to set my under eye concealer. The reason why I love this is because of the pointed end, it can get really close to my lash line when I put the powder in place. It picks up just the right amount of product and dispenses it in just the right places. I also love the gunmetal set, as I love the handles on them and they are so lightweight.

Morphe M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush // This is one of my favourite crease brushes. It’s the perfect size to blend within the crease and creating that smokey eye, making sure there are no harsh lines. This is the brush I use to pack on those crease colours to start off a look, creating that depth we all love.

Morphe M330 Blending Crease Brush // I use this brush to get a more precise blend within the crease. I tend to go in with a bigger brush to blend the harsh lines. But if I really want to get in that crease, this is the brush I use. The bristles are really soft, so working the product in, in circular motions makes it so much nicer. It seamlessly blends the product out and buffs it in smoothly, making this a good brush for a smokey eye, especially for its precision.

Morphe M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush // I use this for two things, who doesn’t love a brush that has multi-purposes? If I am darkening the outer corners with a dark brown or black, I pack the colour on with this. I then use it to blend it slightly as well. With this brush being so small, it is perfect for getting into the smaller places you want to blend, without using a bigger brush and completely blending that little bit of colour away. I also use it to do my lower lash liner, I love adding the same colours that I did on top, to the bottom and this small brush is great for that.

Morphe M421 Mini Concealer Brush // I only have the one use for this, quick and simple guys. If you are doing a cut crease, this brush is perfect for carving that out. It’s small and perfect to pick up that product to give you that perfect base to create an amazing cut crease effect.


Morphe 25A Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette // OH THE COLOURS!! These are so up my street, they might have well have called it the Jacqui Spice Palette. It was like it was crafted and made for me. I love all the colours, you can create numerous different looks with and still look amazing. The metallics are so creamy and pigmented, you just can’t help but use them each time. But you also have the stunning range of mattes, if you were looking to do an all matte look, it’s just stunning.

Morphe Liquid Lipstick in Virgin // I have to say, Morphe Liquid Lipsticks are my favourite formula. It is not drying and doesn’t crumble or budge as soon as I have a drink. If I could order every colour, I would. Virgin is just the best nude ever, I am obsessed with it, it’s just the perfect colour for me, especially as I love all things nude…

There are so many more products that I would love to purchase from Morphe. More than likely, you will see a wishlist and a haul coming soon guys, I’m obsessed!

Do you have a brand that you are in love with? Comment below and let me know, always love purchasing new products from a range someone recommends. 


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