For those who have read posts of mine in the past, you will know that I have had a huge weight problem for many years.

I am even going to go as far to say, that I have a food addiction, which sounds hilarious when you think about it. But I find it hard to cut out all the food I like and typically all the food I love the most, is unhealthy.

When I get home from work and think about making healthy food, I either whinge that I am too tired and can’t be bothered to cook and order take out or find something easy and unhealthy to cook. My other option is, not to eat at all as I genuinely can’t be bothered to make the effort.

Sounds pathetic right…but this is my life and shows just how lazy I am.

Last year, I joined Slimming World and at first I really enjoyed it and I was happy with the weight loss I was getting. I went on holiday in October and I went completely off track and just couldn’t get back on it.

In January this year I left Slimming World, to have a break from it and hopefully get back on track by doing it on my own. I really don’t recommend this to anyone who is thinking of doing this, it was a downward spiral from there for me. I ended up gaining everything I had lost, plus more.

Last month, I decided to rejoin and start a fresh, but still haven’t been 100% on plan since I started. Skipping corners, just eating what I wanted.

I am still loosing weight, but at a very slow pace, then I have a gain and then I lose it again, so even though I have been there for about 6-7 weeks, I am only up to a 6lb loss, a joke!

I have now booked a holiday with my best friend and as I am writing this, it’s 6 weeks until we go…so I really have to try now, as none of my holiday clothes will fit at this rate and I do not want to feel like a whale at the pool.

I find loosing weight, one of the hardest things ever, as I really do have a passion for food, especially going out for dinner. So I always find it difficult to stick on plan, as I always like to have something amazing for dinner.

There are a lot of options on Slimming World to have a really nice meal, but the prep that goes behind it, is so long winded and by the time you’ve finished cooking, your appetite has gone. On some occasions the meals haven’t been great and you end up eating something that tastes rank, which then puts you off cooking again.

The reason I am writing this, is that I am hope it will keep me on track, make me more aware that if I have to publicly talk about it, I have more of a reason to stick to it, to keep myself accountable.

I hope you enjoy this new series on my site and help me stick to it this time.

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