It’s been a while since I’ve shared my favourite beauty items. Recently, I have tried loads of new products and I wanted to share 4 that really stood out to me.

So, I have to admit, I have got a little shopper happy recently. Shopping is great, especially if I am trying to distract myself, a bit of retail therapy is always good. I have always had a slight shopping addiction, but I have tried to wean myself away from it recently.

I think of it as a good thing, means I have more products to tell you all about. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical

I am a huge fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo’s, I’ve tried quite a few from there range now and it does a fantastic job. I am not one for washing my hair much, as it makes the condition of my hair worse. So I am always up for products that make my hair last longer between washes. Batiste is a great high street option, as I am not one for trying high-end products when it comes to my hair, especially if I can find a cheaper alternative that does the job.

Now what I like about this one is the scent. One of my favourite scents is coconut, which is what this Tropical variety is all about. Meaning my hair can smell like summer holidays and keep my hair from not looking greasy for a couple of extra days. Perfection to me.

If you’re looking for this, always get this from Saver’s if you have one close to you, will save you a lot of money.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser in Cocoa Blend

Now I have to start this one with a massive thank you to A Lazy Beauty Blogger. I read a post about her April empties which included this moisturising spray. It spoke to me immediately. I am one of those people that hate moisturisers, but I love the benefits of it when my skin starts to feel softer.

They have 3 different kinds, the one I got which is a Cocoa Blenda, again this works well with my obsession of smelling like a summers holidays. Then there is an Essential Healing and then an Aloe Fresh one, which I think will be great for when you’re on holiday, to help with sunburns, which sadly I know a lot about.

One week in, I have noticed a massive difference in my skin. I do suffer from bad skin on my legs and arms. Even though my legs aren’t super soft, I can definitely feel an improvement. My arms are loosing there noobly bobbly spots that I have and being left with a soft to touch feel.

The spray is on point, you can either have a continuous spray or little bursts, similar to a deodorant. I am utterly in love, I just hope I don’t become lazy with this and stop moisturising as I cannot wait to see how my skin continues to improve.

Next Pink Macaroon Eau De Toilette

I recently blogged about my current favourite perfumes, you can read the post here. In that, I mentioned my love for Next perfumes and how I wanted to get my hands on the Pink Macaroon perfume and I did.

Since then, I have been using it every single day without fail, I am obsessed with it! It has a beautiful smell to it, with many different undertones, sweet and flowery, it is just lovely.

At this rate, I think I am going to run out of perfumes to buy from Next, but I can’t help myself. They sell perfumes that I think, smell very similar to some high-end perfumes, but for a fraction of the cost.

Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur

In my recent Revolution Beauty haul, I wanted to try another lipstick, but from a different range. I decided to just go through there best sellers and this was top of the list. They have two different versions of this, one matte and the one I purchased.

Personally, I have recently gone off matte lipsticks, as my lips are really dry at the moment. So I am always on the hunt for a moisturising nude lipstick for every day and I think I’ve found it in this one.

Firstly, it is packaged in a stunning rose gold bullet tube, I know what you’re thinking and yes I am obsessed with anything rose gold. This high pigmented, every day nude has become my go-to for all occasions, whether it’s going to work, out to dinner or hanging with friends. This formula is just stunning and glides on like a dream with a great colour pay off. For £3…yes I said £3!! It is my number one lipstick right now.

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