In November it was my birthday and the bestie got me a voucher for The Body Shop, which is my favourite skincare shop. How could I not bring you My Body Shop Skincare Haul. The girl did good and I couldn’t wait to use it to get some new skincare products. Typically around my birthday, there weren’t many offers going on in the shop. So I decided to wait for the January sales. I knew one item for sure that I wanted. But everything else was going to be random, new products to try and review for you.

Sadly, when I went into the shop in January, there was nothing I particularly wanted in the sales. But yay the 3 for 2 offer was on and I took advantage.

Let me show you everything I got, I am so excited to share my thoughts with you.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner 

Repurchase alert! I talked about this at the beginning of last year, check it here. You’ll be able to notice the difference from when I started blogging to now! Anyway, I obviously already thought it was good. For a while I did use a different one toner, but when I got the voucher, how could I not buy this one. It’s great for oily skin, that’s down to the mattifying claim, but also, it really helps battle the blackhead issue I have, alongside a few other products from the tea tree range. After only using it again for the past couple of weeks, I can already feel the difference in my skin.

I use the toner when I have finished with my eye makeup remover and a face wipe, this is great to get rid of the leftover makeup on my old face. Massive fan of the tea tree oil skincare range from The Body Shop and they continue to impress me.

I actually got the 400ml bottle, which is £8, but because of the 3 for 2, I got it free, saving me some pounds.

Seaweed Oil Control Overnight Gel 

Here’s a new one for me that I haven’t got a complete feel yet. When I went into the shop, I explained my skin issue, especially with my night cream that I found that this was leaving my looking very shiny. This is the cream she recommended to replace it, well actually it’s a gel.

It comes in a 30ml bottle costing £14, which I was quite shocked at. Considering the size, I thought “Shih Tzu, this is not going to last long”. It’s one of them, a little goes a long way products. I can use one pump on my entire face and the pump is great by the way, dispenses just the right amount without squirting all over the place.

I have noticed that I am less oily since using this, alongside the mattifying toner. I’d be shocked if I was still oily and the only thing is, my skin no longer feeling moisturised.

Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Microdermabrasion 

The sales assistant helped me with this, telling her I was looking for a soft exfoliator for my face that wouldn’t cause too much irritation.

Costing £17 I thought, again, this was quite expensive. But considering you only need to use this twice a week, I guess you would get a fair use out of it.

Since using it, I have noticed that my skin feels softer and cleaner. To the point where I wanted to use it more often, but I resisted like a good girl.

I think an exfoliator is definitely something everyone should have in their skincare routine. I find this one a great one for making your skin feel refreshed and new, taking all my dead skin off.



I am really happy with everything I have bought and I am excited to carry on using it.

If you are interested in seeing an updated skincare routine, let me know and I can do this in a couple of months time. You can then see if any of these products have made it.

What are your favourite Body Shop skincare products? 

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