For those who know me, I have a slight Amazon addiction. I think I go on their website at least once or twice a day. It is probably my most visited website, especially since getting Prime.

I have actually started shopping, based on things I can get on Prime. Being so impatient, Prime is great for me. If I can’t get it the next day, I’m not interested.

I love when I get a good buy, don’t get me wrong, I have had a few stinkers but it’s the same with any shop. I am constantly surfing through Amazon for their best buys, most sold, highest reviewed products.

What Was I Looking For on Amazon This Time? 

This time though, I was looking for something specific. I was going to Portugal with my mum and sister. We were only taking 2 suitcases for the 3 of us for 1 week and me being me, I was worried about how much I was going to be able to take with me.

The two biggest things that I always over pack on is toiletries and makeup. My addiction to makeup bags meant I had plenty to choose from when it came to packing my must-have products. I decided that I needed to find something that I could fit all my toiletries in with taking up minimum room in the suitcase.

After doing a fair bit of research, I found the eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit on Amazon, with a 78% 5-star rating for £19.99. Looking at the reviews and the pictures, this was definitely something I was interested in trying, but at the same time, always have that doubt whether it will be exactly what I am looking for.

Ordered, Sealed, Delivered! It’s MINE! 

I ordered this on 1st June and received on 3rd June, I do love a quick delivery! Like I said, if it’s not next day delivery, I’m not involved.

On a random note, does anyone love getting packages. It’s like Christmas and even though you know what’s inside, you’re still excited.

When I opened this, I was instantly happy. One of my concerns was whether the quality was going to be good when it turned up, I thought it might be cheaply made. How wrong was I!

The Bit You’ve Been Waiting For! 

Made from a really light material, well put together and really nicely made. I was no longer worried I’d bought a piece of crap.

Now was for the next test, would all my toiletries fit and would they still save room, or be like a normal bag where it takes up half your suitcase.

Altogether, there are 4 pockets, which doesn’t sound a lot, but the main center one is huge with different sections within. Even the side compartments look deceiving as they do hold a large number of products.

I remember, that once I put all my products in, I had to go and show my family and give them a bit of a demonstration as to how many products I managed to fit inside. It was like Mary Poppins bag, but they weren’t as impressed as me, to them it was just a bag. To me, It was the wardrobe to Narnia for my toiletry products.

The picture just doesn’t do it justice, even with all those products, there is still room to put some more in.

Another great thing about this is that under the main section when you unzip it, you can use this to hook it on the back of a bathroom door. This was incredibly helpful and makes more room around the sink for my makeup bag!

When I packed this in my suitcase, it was a game changer. It laid flat on top of all my clothes, taking up minimal room. Instead of having quite a bulky bag for my toiletries, it meant I had so much more room for clothes.

I cannot recommend this enough for travellers or weekends away. It made such a massive difference and fed into my organisation obsession.

Have you got any top tips on travelling essentials?

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