Mother’s Day is coming up and I wanted to give you a little insight into my relationship with my Mum, but also some gift ideas. If you’re anything like me, Mum’s are always difficult to buy for. So I’ll give you a few tips, some I would buy for my own Mum, some I wouldn’t.

I have the best relationship with my Mum, we are so alike in many ways. Especially when it comes to crime programmes.

My Mum is the glue that holds us all together. I honestly wouldn’t know what I’d do without her. For those who don’t know, I still live with my family. Maybe that could be a new post I could write about, my living situation. I don’t think my day could begin without seeing my Mum’s face in the morning. For me, I know my day has started when I see her.

Even at 29, I don’t think I would be who I am without her guidance. No matter what, she is always there for me and there is no way I could repay her for that.

We have this ongoing joke in my family, about cards. When I buy one of them a card, it’s always the one with the most words in it, basically like a book. They all laugh at me when my card makes an appearance as they know full well it will take 5 minutes to read it. With my mum, I always look through the words. It was recently her birthday and I went to buy her a card. I was stood in Card Factory with tears in my eyes when I was reading one, I had to buy it.

My Mum can be quite a difficult person to buy for, she isn’t materialistic at all. When she asks for things, it’s usually something for the kitchen, as she loves to cook. Especially since she had a new kitchen put in last year.

If your mum is difficult to buy for, I have you covered. I have put some simple suggestions together that will hopefully help you, without breaking the bank.

Spa Day

This is something my Mum would personally dislike. She’s not really into spas or anything like that. But I think this is a really great idea, as it’s a bit of one to one time with your mum. Loads of places offer some great packages for good prices. You always see them on Groupon, but the one I found was through Virgin Experience. Offering a spa day with afternoon tea for two for £39. The only downside is the area, as they only have two locations. But if you dig a little deeper, you are bound to find something local to you for a good price.


This is one of the generic presents and the one my Mum loves. Mum adores flowers, putting them into vases and having them out on display, especially in front of the fireplace in the living room. Personally, I am not that into them, as it’s not exactly a present that lasts very long, but that’s just me.

You can pick flowers up from everywhere these days, dependant on what you are looking for. All supermarkets provide a really good bunch of flowers for a decent price. You’ve then got flower shops that deliver personally to their door with a lovely handwritten note. They are a little more expensive, but you have to think of the labour costs that go into the arrangement. I personally stick to supermarkets, great value for money and some amazing flowers, you can’t go wrong.

Gift Cards

I know a lot of people do not like this option, as it seems no thought has been put into the present. Personally, I love gift cards. Especially if they buy one for places you love to go or buy from. It opens you to so many opportunities, whether it’s their favourite restaurant, clothing store or makeup shop. It’s like the ideal present without choosing what they would like. My Mum loves to read, so getting her an Amazon voucher is an amazing present to her, as she can add loads of new books onto her kindle.

It may be minimal effort, but sometimes getting someone a gift voucher is the best present. There may be nothing they want right now and instead of getting them a wasted present, the gift voucher can be used at any time for them to buy themselves something they really want.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolates are always on offer for any celebratory day. You can bag some really good quality chocolate for a reasonable price. My favourite being Thorntons, but as my mum “doesn’t like sweet things”, we tend not to buy her any. Might buy myself a few boxes while they’re on offer though!


The gift that keeps on giving. I really like the necklaces they have now, that you can add charms inside. They are so cute and adorable and such a great gift idea. Personally, I prefer the bracelets as you get so many charms to choose from. It’s that gift that keeps on giving. As every Birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day, you can get a new charm to add to the collection. Never struggle for present ideas again, as you will always have Pandora has a backup.

Photo Present

I have a little obsession with photo frames or albums. In my room, I have quite a few frames, without it being too OTT with lots of people staring at me. These are such cute gifts, especially if you do an album and they are so easily done these days.

There are so many places you can get gorgeous frames from, especially rose gold one from Asda.

If you search online, there are some stores that actually create a photo album for you. You get to design everything yourself. Placement of the photos or whether you want to add text, giving you total control of the book. They are great ideas and such a lovely keepsake for anyone really.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on what to get your Mum for Mother’s Day. We need to treat these special ladies in our lives, I know I will.

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