I am a huge fan of Morphe, from their palettes to their makeup sponges. Everything I have purchased from this brand, I have ended up loving.

This is a review on the Morphe Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha Palettes, which I felt like I waited for an age to get my hands on them.

I purchased these from Beauty Bay at £19.50 each, which I think is quite good for 25 colours and different to their usually 35 palettes.

The palettes themselves are quite similar but the colours have different depths and the shimmers are definitely different. Like I said, I am a really big fan of the Morphe brand and I am always pleased at the quality they provide at such a good price.

Out of the two palettes, I have probably used the Copper Spice more. I think this is down to the colour scheme, these colours really compliment my blue eyes and makes them pop.

The mattes and the shimmers in this palette are stunning, I cannot fault them on the pigmentation, the blendability and the colour is true to pan. For 25 gorgeous colours, I think £19.50 is a reasonable price.

The number of looks you can make with this palette is amazing and the fact you get a good matte black in the palette, I think is great and something you don’t always see in palettes.

I really like the transition colours, those with an orange colour in it, I just think they look the best; not bright orange, but a tint of it is beautiful.

The Bronzed Mocha palette is equally as gorgeous, but some of the mattes aren’t as pigmented as others and look a little washed out. The palette is still worth it though, there are beautiful transition colours, the darker colours are stunning and the shimmers…again…amazing! Morphe know their stuff when it comes to their shimmers, I think this is what draws me into their palettes.

I think I will get more use out of the Bronzed Mocha palette when winter hits; dark browns look lovely then, beautiful smoky look with a sleek black eyeliner. I can’t wait to use this palette more to create some eye popping looks for Christmas gatherings. Yes I said the C word!

I am a little bit of a Morphe addict, I literally want everything they do, but their palettes are one of my favourite things from them. This is now my 4th one, I love and use them all, which I can’t say about a lot of brands.

Beauty Bay has been a godsend to me, to be able to purchase products that you are unable to get in the UK shops, is just amazing to me. Other sites do do them, but this is the one I use the most.

I think if you’re into your Copper’s and Brown tones, these palettes are definitely for you!

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