Hello Everyone and a Happy Monday to you all.

The weekends always go to quick for my liking and I never get everything I wanted to do, done.

I posted a blog last Monday about my new favourite loose powder. At the same time, I purchased two brushes that YouTube made me buy and these two posts are related.

I need new brushes to apply my concealer and set the powder. The brushes I had weren’t blending it into my skin as I would like and the beauty sponge was actually removing some of the product.

So I wanted to try out some new brushes, which I saw on one of my favourite YouTube sites,  Thataylaa, I would definitely recommend her. I saw these brushes in action and I just had to buy them.

Morphe G2 Pointed Buffer Brush – £12.50 


This is the brush I use for blending in my under eye concealer, I am currently trying out a new concealer, which I will be reviewing shortly. But the brush is absolutely gorgeous, I fell in love with it instantly.

The skin under my eyes isn’t great, it’s very dry and wrinkled (considering I am only 27) but I have lines that concealer just doesn’t sink into my skin and it just sits on top. With this brush, it blends my concealer flawlessly, it goes into all my lines. Now I know some of you might be thinking this is the concealer, but it’s really not, I have used the same concealer with a sponge and other brushes and never got it to blend as seamlessly as this Morphe G2 does.

It is super soft but dense, so really good for pouncing that concealer into your skin. I never use stroking motions with applying any liquid products, always pounce.

I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone in the market for a good concealer brush and I think it’s completely worth the money.

Morphe G35 Pointed Powder Brush – £9.00 


I really wanted to find a brush to set my under eye concealer, to go with my new RCMA powder and this brush looked like something I would love, I do have an obsession with Morphe brushes.

OH…MY GOD…I love this brush just as much as the G2, these brushes are just such good quality, light barrels, soft brushes and works with the product amazingly.

Like I said, I use this to set my under eye concealer with my loose powder…no longer using the pouncing motion mentioned early, this one is more of a tapping into the skin. Again I do no drag the product along my skin. Most of the time, you are just wiping the product off your face.

This brush picks up the product brilliantly and dispenses well onto your face, as in it isn’t stealing the product and staying in the brush, so I don’t think I am wasting any product with this brush.

Again, I would completely recommend this brush and I am excited to try more brushes from the G range (after the spending ban).

If you are in the market for new brushes, definitely check these out.

Let me know what Morphe brushes you have, which ones you like, which ones you don’t. I have an obsession with brushes!!

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