I just wanted to write a post to explain why I haven’t been very active with my social media and why there has been NO consistency to my blog, as usually I post every Monday and Friday.

Basically, I have been crazy busy with my life at the moment, with work, social life (yes on occasions I do have one), weekends away and also the hardest one for me to admit….lacking motivation to write.

I have really struggled with keeping up with everything to do with my blog at the moment, due to being so busy. Which don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed everything I have been doing, but I have hit a wall now, where I am struggling to sleep at night and stay peppy during the day…making me a bit irritable.

When I feel like this, I do find it hard to be my normal, chatty self as I am just so tired and the energy feels like it’s draining out of me. To talk like a normal person…well normal for me, most of my friends would probably confirm that our conversations are always a bit…unusual. But at the moment, I just feel a bit zoned out, but that’s just from my sleeping pattern being all over the place.

So I have been generally quite quiet and spending my evenings, where I can, on my own to try and have a bit of a word with myself.

This means I have not had time to keep updated on my social media, so I haven’t been posting there that much. If people talk to me, of course I will always reply, I’m not rude. But I just haven’t posted much myself, especially about my blog.

I really haven’t been motivated to write recently, mainly because I haven’t had the time. I work 5 days a week and when I get home in the evening, after dinner and having a bit of a wind down, I am completely exhausted and don’t have the concentration to sit at my computer, especially when I have just spent all day at work looking at a screen.

I usually use my weekends to plan, write and take photos for all my posts, but I have been visiting friends and going out quite a lot recently, meaning I have literally had no time whatsoever. I am never usually this busy, but my friends and family are my life and I love spending time with them.

I am finding it hard juggling everything, but I just need to learn how to organise my time in advance to make sure I don’t get this far behind again.

I haven’t had writers block or anything, I literally have a box full of products to try and review. I am now on a spending ban when it comes to buying makeup for the hell of it, as I just have so much that I haven’t even tried yet. That I am not letting myself buy any until I have reviewed everything I have.

So hopefully, this explains why I have been so…ARGHHHH at the moment and that with hopefully sitting down and organising my life, that I should be able to put up some quality reviews for you all.

Thank you all for reading, actually writing this down has actually really helped.