I have been enjoying so much this month and I have spent way too much money, then again, it gives me more to review for you guys. That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it, it’s not because I have a spending problem…

The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush | I have a lot of hair…like a lot, which I know people are jealous of, but it is so difficult to deal with. I have tried numerous brushes to try and get through my hair without ripping it out, even the tangle teaser couldn’t get through it. I saw someone mention this brush on YouTube and thought, what the hell, give it a go. I am so glad I did, it is so good on my hair, doesn’t rip any hair from the root, it’s not painful at all. Now don’t get me wrong, I still get a lot of hair in the brush, but I do malt quite a lot, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. It is a little pricey for a brush, but for me and the pain I have been through with other brushes, it is totally worth it for me.

Mac Lipstick

Mac ‘Really Me’ Lipstick | I recently went shopping to Birmingham with my bestie and I have always wanted to get something from Mac. Laura knows my obsession with makeup and after very little persuasion, we went to have a look. Now I was going to go for their most popular shade ‘Velvet Teddy’, but this colour just called to me. We did leave the shop without purchasing it, but it was calling to me. We popped back before we went to get the train home and I picked it out of another stand without even checking the name…to me…that’s fate, so I had to get it. The colour is a soft, mauve, pink, so neutral and absolutely gorgeous! Pretty much all my lip products are matte, so as no surprise, this one is as well. I do this it’s quite expensive for a lipstick, but it is gorgeous, my sister is definitely getting my money’s worth!!

Hair Remover

G2PLUS Facial Hair Remover | This was a really strange buy for me from Amazon and I actually bought them for someone else. With the fact you get 3 of these in a packet, how could I not give it a go and I am so glad I did. On those days where you really can’t be bothered with plucking your eyebrows, or your upper lip hair is starting to peak through or for me, I have a mole on my chin that has a hair that grows from it, these ‘razors’ are a god send. They are so inexpensive and they get the job done quickly, I have used this on my moles, my upper lip and my eyebrows and they did such a good job of removing the hair. What scared me about using these was the re-growth, surprisingly, I didn’t need to worry, the re-growth hasn’t been an issue at all.

Maxfactor Blusher

MaxFactor ‘Lavish Mauve’ Creme Puff Blush | I needed a new blush recently, as all the ones I have are pink and I wanted to try a different tone for my skin. I think the colour is self explanatory, it is gorgeous and definitely changes it up from my normal pink. For me, it’s not glittery at all, which is really important for me, do not do glitter. It’s a build-able product, which I like, sometimes too much pigment can be very harsh for a blusher. I used it every single day in May and I haven’t found another one that would make me stray.

Ecotools Sponge

EcoTools – Face Tools Perfecting Blender Duo | This I purchased through a site called Love Me Beauty (which I personally wouldn’t recommend), but on this one occasion, I struck gold with getting these products in my edit. This beauty sponge is amazing, the shape of it allows you to get into all the nook and crannie, blending the foundation flawlessly. I know the product is called a duo, but the smaller one you get with it, is rubbish in my opinion. It’s too hard and you can’t bounce product in when it’s that solid, needs to be more spongy.

BS Bronzer

The Body Shop Bronzing Power ‘Light Matte 01’ | I am fairly pale and I find it really hard to find a bronzer that suits my skin tone. I heard on YouTube (where would I be without it) that this product offered a lot of different shades, so I decided to take a look, which is never good as I always get enticed by there offers. I love this bronzer, it is a great colour that suits me, it doesn’t have much of a red/orange undertone, it’s just a beautiful, buttery, colour to add warmth to my face. It is quite expensive for a bronzer, but it’s definitely something I would consider buying again.

As you may have seen on my social media, I am supposed to be adding different things into my monthly favourites, such as products I have not enjoyed, I also started adding my favourite bloggers, TV shows etc of the month. But as this post is already so big, I didn’t want to add even more content. I will be doing this for next month’s though.

The end of another month and we move onto June, which will be dedicated to my Foundation Series, which I am so excited about. I have been planning this for a while and a lot of time, effort and money has gone into this, so I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you all. Only 3 days now, until my first post of the series!! 

What products have you been enjoying this month?


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