Hey my beauties!! Hope you are all doing well and having a fabulous day.

I decided to check out this MaxFactor Pan Stik foundation as I’ve never tried a stick ( I don’t know why they spelt it Stik) one before and thought I’d try this out for £4.90 off Amazon, I wanted to see whether it was any good.

I am thinking of doing a foundation series at some point, comment below if that is something you would be interested in reading.

I ordered this online in the lightest colour they do, which is called 25 Fair and it was delivered in a couple of days.

The first thing I noticed was how flimsy the packaging was, it’s not made very well and the twist bottom to push up the stick foundation, is very poor and you can feel how cheap it is.

I then noticed the colour, it was so pink, I understand people have pink undertones, but not like this pink.

Max Factor Pan Stik

Then there’s the smell…oh no…it smells like old lady talc powder, it was horrible. My hope was, that when I applied other make up over the top, the smell wouldn’t be as noticeable…but I noticed it.

So I prepped my face as normal and drew a few lines on my face with the stick. One side I blended with a Morphe M439 and the other side I used the Beauty Sponge from Real Techniques. In my opinion, it blended better with the beauty sponge and gave a better overall finish and coverage.

The claims from the MaxFactor website are:

“Pan Stik Foundation for a convenient, fast fix. The creamy texture provides a soft, dewy finish.

  • Maximum coverage with minimum effort.
  • Convenient stick applicator for quick application.
  • Helps conceal pigmentations, birthmarks and blemishes.
  • Smoothes away appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Handy for touch ups – on the go.”

Personally, I would say its a medium, buildable coverage, it’s not as good as my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but it is quicker to apply. So for me, I would use this for those days that I am chilling at home and want to look like I have not just raised from the dead, then this will be great.

I would say the longevity again isn’t as good as my normal foundation, but it will last around 6 hours without it looking worn out.

The finish is ok, like I said it’s buildable coverage, it didn’t completely cover my freckles, but I think due to the pink tone in it, it covered my redness very well. It didn’t sit well on my lines and wrinkles and I would say this foundation would be good for people with oily skin, as opposed to my dry skin, as it did cling to certain parts of my face, especially around my nose and forehead area.

When I applied other make up, I noticed my concealer didn’t blend well into it, but that could of been the colour and the fact it didn’t completely match my skin tone. I don’t apply foundation directly under my eyes, so I couldn’t comment on how this applies over the top of the foundation, but blending the concealer down, it didn’t seem to mix well. I applied bronzer and blusher on top of the foundation and it did blend well, I ever tried a cream contour stick and this was absolutely fine as well.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the MaxFactor Pan Stix, but I’ve used worse. I need a high coverage foundation and this doesn’t really do it for me, but it is something I would use again for a speedy look to get out the house as quickly as possible.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and as I’ve mentioned, I am thinking of doing a foundation series, so please comment below if that interests you.

Until next time…