I was chatting to Jess (Jessica Jade Beauty) recently about doing another collab, but something different. We decided that we wanted to do a review on something makeup related, as it’s obviously both our passions.

We thought, to find a product that we both had was going to be difficult. But how wrong were we? We both found that we had the Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette in 01 Cappucino Nudes.

Photos and a draft of my review later and here we are. Read on if you want to see my thoughts on this eyeshadow palette. To read Jess’ thoughts, click here, personally I can’t wait. We haven’t shared our opinions, so I am psyched to see what she thinks.

The 411

This contouring eyeshadow palette comes in 3 different themes, 01 Cappucino Nudes, 02 Golden Nudes and 03 Rose Nudes. Personally, I have all 3, but today we are here to talk about Cappucino Nudes, which seems to be the most popular.

For £14.99, the price is ok. I thought it was pretty steep for a high street palette. But when you think you can get a Max Factor quad for £8.99, it’s not really that bad. Especially if they have an offer on, you can buy more, getting more bang for your buck.

Each palette in this collection is for a specific skin tone. 01 for warm skin tones, personally I wouldn’t be able to completely agree with this. These colours, I think, would suit all skin tones. I have quite a cool skin tone, very pale, but they work great on me.

The Shell 

The packaging is quite cute, with a great window so you can see what colours you are getting. Max Factor usually add some sort of gold to their packaging, which they have stayed true with on this palette.

It’s light and small, making it great for travelling with. Meaning you can fit more makeup in your bag, which is always a plus for me.

I love the layout of the colours, from lights to dark. Making sure they’ve sectioned them, surrounded by plastic, ensuring each shade wouldn’t bleed into each other.

The Opinion 

I will be honest, I bought this palette well over a year ago. I used it for a while, but it wasn’t something I always went back too. Once I had a new palette, I would forget about all my previous purchases.

Thanks to Jess and finding a product we both had, I have fallen in love with Cappuccino Nudes.

This palette has good pigmentation and it blends like a dream. When swatching, they have a velvety touch to them and didn’t look chalky or patchy at all.

For me, this is now my perfect palette for everyday work life. I have used it continuously Monday to Friday for the last month. It has the perfect shades for just a natural look. When I’m in a rush I literally just use shade 4 and 6 in my crease then add them to my bottom lash line. Out the door, out I go and ready for the day ahead. They have to be my favourite colours and perfect for the look I go to on a regular basis.

Would I Repurchase? 

I love all the colours in the palette, but the two I constantly use, I would repurchase just based on them.

Even though I do think it’s quite pricey for the high street, the quality is good. Like I said, it’s perfect for travelling, very portable. I took all 3 palettes on my holiday last year and they were ideal for my trip. Meaning I could fit even more makeup in my bag after adding these variable palettes, creating different looks every day.

Don’t forget to check Jess’ post out here.

Have any of you tried Cappucino Nudes?

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