Hello my beauts!!

Thought I had to write a post about my favourite product for March.

It’s a recent purchase of mine and something I have wanted to buy for months. I went shopping in Birmingham and I had vouchers for Debenhams, after returning something faulty and exchanging it for something cheaper. Meaning I had a £19 voucher to spend in store…love it!

So me and my friend went into Debenhams and I asked for assistance to help me colour match my eyebrows, at first I disagreed with her in regards to the colour and I suggested another and of course I was right, which was the colour number 4.

As I had the voucher, I only had to pay £1, but the cost is £20 and I totally think it’s worth it.

My eyebrows have never looked as good as they do now and I completely put it down to this eyebrow pencil.

It has really defined my eyebrows and made them look fuller. Due to the small nib, it really lets you make little tiny hair strokes, making them look real and fluffy.

My eyebrows have no shape to them at all, but this makes it so easy to add without making them look too fake and it has really shaped my entire face.


The pencil is so easy to work with and with the spoolie on the end it lets you blend it out. You must be gentle with that, as I have noticed that if you are too hard with the spoolie, it can literally blend it into nothing, which is great if you make a mistake.

As you can see by the below picture, there is a grip on the pencil end, giving you more control over flicking those strokes into your brows to make them more life like.

Benefit eyebrows close up

I think the packaging is gorgeous, silver and pink looks so stylish but at the same time, they’ve put the Benefit stamp on it.

I have been using this every day for the past 3 weeks and I have barely made a dent in it, so I feel that it will be a long lasting product, so definitely worth the £20.

It is very pigmented and due to me going for a darker colour, I have to use a light hand with this, too much pressure and my eyebrows look black. The reason I picked the darker shade was because it matched me perfectly when using the light handed technique.

I would suggest you going into your local store that stocks Benefit products and get colour matched as they have a range of 6 colours and you wouldn’t want to get this wrong. As I was told by two people (in two different stores) to get the number 3 and I am so glad I didn’t. I felt the colour was too warm and didn’t match me well, you could see they were drawn on.

I would completely recommend this product, it is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever tried. I can’t write a pros and cons list for this, as I have no cons at all.

I have been complimented on my eyebrows numerous times since I have started using this product and it has definitely upped my eyebrow game. I use it every single day, I can’t leave the house without doing my eyebrows anymore and this is the only product I ever use.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and if you have tried this product, comment below, would love to know your thoughts.

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