Hello Poppets,

It’s another Monday…the weekends always go too quickly for my liking.

A few weeks ago, I purchased three of the Lip Kits from Makeup Revolution, after all the hype they were receiving online.

When it comes to lip colours, I am more of a neutral girl, so I purchased Echelon, Grandee and Reign.

I had heard a lot of good things about these lip kits and because of the price, I was completely sold on them.

Unfortunately, this product was a massive fail for me.

The biggest flaw of this product is the liquid lipstick itself, the formula is just….terrible. Now I am no liquid lipstick connoisseur but I know when it dries your lips shouldn’t stick together!

I was so disappointed in this product, just after the first time of trying it, which was such a shame as I was so excited, it was a let down to be honest.

I found the formula really patchy and even when you put another layer on it doesn’t set well. Like I said, it’s really sticky and my lips were clinging together and then the product would split slightly, especially on the inner part of my lip.

I didn’t like the colour selection, they didn’t match the colours shown on their website and boxes, the colours were completely off, especially Grande.

I have tried quite a few different brands for liquid lipsticks and I have to say, these were the worst I have tried. Which baffles me because so many people rave about these and how good they are, but I just didn’t get on with them at all.

I found them really uncomfortable to wear and to me they didn’t completely set matte, they remained very sticky. Now the first thing I thought was, maybe it just takes longer to set…but no, no matter how long I waited, I still had that sticky consistency left on my lips.

The lip liners are good, pigmented, long lasting and creamy, pretty much everything you want from a lip liner. If you could buy these individually, I would probably buy more.

As you can’t get the lip liners separately, I definitely wouldn’t recommend these lip kits to anyone, personally, they were a waste of money for me and I completely regret buying 3 of them, as I now have no use for them.

Has anyone out there tried these before, what were your thoughts on them?

Any recommendations for other lip kits?

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