Recently, I have had major issues with matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks. I have extremely dry lips, no matter how much lip balm I use. It’s making it so difficult to wear matte, as they just crumble and look icky dry on me.

I decided I needed to buy some everyday lipsticks that weren’t matte, which isn’t really my thing. Already putting an order through on Tam Beauty, I decided to look through their ranges to see what they would have to offer.

I finally stumbled across a collection called Renaissance, they pulled me in with their packaging. It looks so similar to Charlotte Tilbury, literally identical. At £4 a pop, how could I refuse! I couldn’t even decide on the colours.

The website was great though, as they offered swatches of all the collection. Picking my favourite shades. I ended up with RenewVow, Awaken, Prime and Greatest. You will notice that all of them are nudey colours, but make sure you check the swatches. As the picture on the website doesn’t really look like the colour you’d get. That’s the only downside to this. Without those swatches, God knows what I would have ended up with.

My Swatches 

My Thoughts

When I was looking through the description, I noticed it said that they were Vegan and Cruelty-Free, which is great. But also Gluten Free! Now, this is a new one on me, as I didn’t know you could get makeup that was Gluten Free…but there you go. Learn something new every day.

I honestly couldn’t pick my favourite, they are all gorgeous and great for work. I was absolutely gutted, as the day after I ordered these, they added more colours to the collection. Just my luck!

When they arrived I was shocked by the packaging. They looked identical to a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. The quality was amazing, expensive looking, sturdy and beautifully done. Obviously, I was immediately in love with the gold, sleek, metal shell. I was so happy to have these in my collection, just for the packaging alone!

They apply absolutely beautifully, they aren’t matte but I wouldn’t say they are completely moisturising either. The lipsticks are really pigmented and great quality for just £4. They glide on and make my lips feel like royalty.

There are colours for every occasion, but I am so chuffed with the ones I got. They are very me and something I would use for every day. Personally, colours that really stand out, do not suit me. So I always steer clear of your dark colours and reds. This is why I was so happy with their range, as they have colours for every skin tone and for all preferences.

Lipsticks do not last all day, this is common knowledge. This doesn’t bother me that much though, I am more than happy to reapply as and when I need it. Especially when I get to whack this bad boy out and show off its gold beauty.

Would I Repurchase?

Hell to the yes! I cannot wait until my spending ban is over to get the rest in the collection…that are nudes. Especially those ones that came out the day after!! Still annoyed about that!

Have you tried anything from their Renaissance collection? 

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