I was desperate to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, especially after all the hype.

After hearing this was a dupe for the infamous Tarte Shape Tape concealer, which I am obsessed with, even without purchasing it. Damn you import changes from the USA!

With it having a great range of 18 shades to choose from, I did find it difficult to choose. Makeup Revolution is exclusive to Superdrug and with it being released, the shop was always out of stock of the lighter shades.

I logged into Tam Beauty and luckily they had all shades in stock. Now it was the problem of how I was going to decide what shade I was.

This concealer is only £4 and with it being so cheap, I decided to buy a range of colours, just in case. It also meant I could really try and test the concealer, knowing I was at least have one that would match what I needed.

The Facts and Claims

  • £4 from Superdrug or Tam Beauty 
  • 18 shades
  • Large doe foot applicator
  • Ranging from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones
  • Full Coverage
  • Lightweight
  • The concealer for everyone
  • Covering blemishes and to counteract dark circles
  • Won’t accentuate fine lines and pores
  • Long wearing

First Impressions

I ordered the concealers on a Saturday and they were delivered on Friday. Longer than I expected, to be honest, Beauty Bay have a much quicker delivery.

Already having my makeup on, I couldn’t wait to give this a shot. Wiping my makeup off under my eyes and applied this. Instantly, I was disappointed with the product and I was so upset about it. I had put so much hope into this “high coverage” concealer.

My under eyes are one of my biggest problem areas. I have horrendous dark circles and creases that love having liquid products all stuck in them. When it comes to concealer, I have never had any joy of something that covers the darkness and doesn’t settle in my lines.

When I put this on it was majorly drying, wasn’t blending well and wasn’t covering anything. Already my hopes had been dashed.

First impressions aren’t everything and I went to sleep that night thinking, trying it with a fresh face might be better.

Keep On Trying

For the next couple of days, I kept trying and using the different shades that I purchased. I did this as I wanted to see if there were any difference jumping from colour to colour.

The concealer is starting to grow on me, I love the large application, wiping softly under my eye and giving off a lot of product without having to double dip.

I have to say though, the cons do out weight the pros. As a lot of the claims written on the site just didn’t happen and I have to debunk.

Please bear in mind, that everyone’s skin is different my the darkness under my eyes are caused by unhealthy eating and lack of sleep. It would take concrete to cover these bad boys.


For the price and the range of shades, I think Makeup Revolution have done really well. Are there shades of every skin tone, no. In comparison to others, it’s still better than the 4 or 5 most high street brands do.

On application, it is very smooth and doesn’t pull on the skin. The large doe foot applicator dispenses a lot of product, which for me personally is great, as I apply a lot of concealer to mask my bags.

It is very lightweight on the skin, not feeling heavy at all, making it comfortable to wear all day.


Sadly I feel this does not live up to a lot of its claims. For my skin, I found it sinking into my lines and actually accentuating the creases. As you have guessed, for me this wasn’t full coverage, but if you only have a slight darkness under your eyes, this may be great. I look like I’ve been in a fight with Mike Tyson, so nothing covers these bags.

I have very dry skin under my eyes as well, and this seemed to make it look even drier. It does need setting as well, as it’s tacky to the touch. Adding powder obviously doesn’t help with the dry effect either, but it needed it.

It says it’s the concealer for everyone, but personally, I would say that if you have under eye skin like mine…this isn’t for you. I am jealous of all you guys out there who don’t have to put who with creases, I think I need a bit of filler in mine.

After the wait…

I am sad that it didn’t work for me but am I surprised, no. Not because of Makeup Revolution, but because I know there will be no product out there for me that will cover and look flawless.

For £4 I think it’s a worthy buy if you have the right skin to accept a product that is thick and quite drying. Maybe for you guys out there with oily skin, this could potentially be amazing for you.

Terrible bags, this isn’t something that will cover them. Like I said, I have black eyes basically, my family comment on them a lot when I have no makeup on. Even with makeup on, they are still noticeable, and with this product, I actually think this draws attention to them.

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