Hey Poppets!!!

Another chapter in the Makeup Must Haves Challenge and today is palette’s.

So I am going to discuss with you, what my favourite palette is and why.

I picked this palette as it has so many good qualities, the quality, the price and the colours are perfect for me.

My favourite palette (at this moment) is the Morphe 35O


The colours are just amazing, they are so pigmented, so warming, great for the winter time.

I took a few swatches of my favourite colours:

The metallics are my favourite, they are so pigmented and gorgeous!! I can’t say enough about these colours. After reading another blog on here, I am now on the waiting list for another palette that has loads of the metallic colours, can’t wait to get this.

I bought this off a website called Beauty Bay and it was £21, which is an amazing price considering you get 35 colours to play with.

I think Morphe palettes will ALWAYS be one of my favourites, my ride or die, as they are just great value, great colours, beautifully made, smooth to apply. Hands down, my favourite brand for palettes.

I used this palette for my eyes on Christmas Day and i created my favourite eye look so far…

Christmas Day Make Up – Mary Lou Highlighter, Morphe Palette and more – Makeup and Beyond


As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it <3