Hello my beauties!

The more I get into make up, the more I find the little things frustrating. Like that moment where you have your favourite brush and want to apply another colour, but you can’t completely clean that brush as then it’ll be wet….this is why I purchased the Makeup Brush Cleaning Duo off Amazon for £9.99.

I had heard great reviews about these on the internet and youtube, also the Amazon customers gave it 4 1/2 stars.

Within the package you get a silicone brush cleaner, this is used when you are thoroughly washing your brushes with soap, you use this to move the brush around within the soap to get into every part of the brush. I haven’t really used this much, as I already have one. They are good and they get the job done but my personally preference is just to use the palm of my hand.

The main reason I purchased this, as you know, was for the quick colour change tin. It is used for when you want to change colours, but use the same brush, you swill it around in the tin and you can use your brush in a completely different colour.

It is a brilliant sponge to clean your brushes, it completely removes the pigment from your brushes, the perfect gift for any makeup addict. The sponge is two sided, so you get double the use out of it and they say you can clean it, so it’s something that is going to last me. It will definitely save me time and stop me using a tissue to get the remaining eyeshadow off my brushes.

Do I think it’s worth £10, I don’t know, bit expensive for a sponge really, but it is a really good thing for me to have, especially when doing other peoples make up. I would recommend it, especially if you are looking for a gift for someone who loves using lots of different eyeshadows like me.

I hope you enjoyed this review, short but sweet but was worth writing about.

Until next time…