I like to call myself a single pringle, mainly because it sounds cuter than alone.

I am a person who loves love, your typical girl that watched Disney films and wanted to find her Prince Charming.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been in love…engaged twice in fact before the age of 21, but for one reason or another, they ended.

Do I regret any of my relationships? No! Without those, I wouldn’t know what true love felt like and how much it can completely change your life. Without those, I wouldn’t know, what I know now and how much I want to fall in love again.

Am I ready to fall in love? No. I think to be able to fall in love, there are some key things you need in your life before you can let anyone else into it.


I always think you need to love yourself before someone else can. I think this is something people struggle with on a daily basis and the amount of self confidence issues people have with themselves is astronomical and something I completely understand.

Just because you’re skinny, gorgeous, tanned, perfectly toned body, doesn’t mean you have confidence. Just because you’re loud, proud, strut your stuff and ooze confidence, doesn’t mean you are. I don’t think you should judge anyone, as you have no idea how they feel about themselves.

Behind closed doors, everyone has insecurities, some people talk about it, some people don’t. Don’t assume that if a someone walks confidently through a bar, it means they love themselves…most people put their guard up in front of people.

Anyway, I have completely come off topic…

Loving yourself can be a really hard thing to do and I am not one of those people who likes themselves, I pretty much put myself down all the time. I’ve always been in the mind of, say it before someone else does. If I say it, then other people won’t. Which sounds really stupid, but when other people say something negative, if effects me less if it is something I already say about myself.

The only person who can change this, is you. I have been trying for a long time, but it’s hard when my main hang up is my weight…and I love food. I am not going to talk about my weight as that is a completely separate series I have going on at the moment. But I think my main confidence issue, is from the way I look and again, the only person who can change that is me.


I think the other thing that keeps me from getting out there again, is being scared of letting someone in again. I think this is something that a lot of people get scared to do, being committed to someone again and allowing themselves to fall for them, as you always have that fear of getting hurt again.

But unless you take that leap, you’ll never know and you’ll always be scared. You have to let yourself be you again and allow someone to love that part of you too.

Don’t be afraid, get yourself out there and be that person you want to be. You’ll regret it if you don’t and you’ll get used to not having a person to love.


I will admit, I personally find it hard to meet anyone and I haven’t for a really long time. It’s all tinder and plenty of fish these days or going out to bars. I am not the going out kind of girl, love hanging with my friends, going out for meals and being with my family. I am just not the girl that goes out at weekends to bars etc. as I don’ really enjoy that atmosphere and I am not a big drinker.

Being like this does make it difficult, meaning you do have to rely on apps like tinder and meeting absoutely cretins before you actually find someone decent to talk too.


A long time ago, I used to find it really hard to be single and not having that person to message every day, go on dates and just generally having someone there for you.

Nowadays, I don’t really look for someone, I just go with the flow. I am very much happy being on my own, I love my own company and I never find that I have nothing to do. I have amazing family and friends to be around and when I want to be alone, I can be and sit and do some writing.

At the moment, I do actually feel I don’t have time for a partner but I regularly miss those moments of holding someone’s hand, having a deep meaningful cuddle or just laying on the bed watching a film.

Yes, I miss those things, but I don’t feel they are everything. I feel being happy within myself, finding a career and being me is much more important.

Being me…is all that matters…

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