Welcome back to my Lanzarote Holiday series. If you want to read Part One and Part Two, click the links.

We left off where Laura and I had just found out that Monarch had gone bust. 

I’ll be honestI completely crapped myself. For someone who is naturally anxious, this is not what I wanted to be hearing 2 days before we were due to flyWe both had loads of people from home messaging us to let us know what had happened and what was being done to get people home.

If you watched the news 110,000 people were abroad at the time, but even worse Monarch employees had lost their jobs and all those who were due to go on holiday, now were not. Looking back on it, we were the lucky ones, but at the time, being abroad when the company you had booked with had gone bust, it seemed like a nightmare.  

CAA were putting flights together to get those people stuck in other countries home. We were supposed to be informed 48 hours before we were due to fly what was happening with our flights., but due to all those that were supposed to be flying back the day this news broke, they were obviously and understandably the priority.

Laura and I decided to put this aside and carry on enjoying our holiday as it was out of our controlwe couldn’t let it dampen our last few days. So we carried on eating and sunbathing in the glorious sun we were getting and I just “frequently” checked to see if there was any news about our flights.

Finally, on Tuesday morning we received details of our new flights. No changes whatsoever, we were really lucky. Some people were being diverted to other airports or setting off at a different time, but CAA were working hard to keep the flights as close to the original as possible.

On our last night in the hotel, we decided to have quite a chilled one. We got dressed up and went down to the fancier restaurant; we were feeling pretty good.  The food was a bit average, the soup for starter was amazing, they should have just served us that for the last 2 courses, as they weren’t great. Laura’s lamb was basically fat and my chicken just didn’t taste like chicken. We had cheesecake for dessert, but it was nowhere near as good as what you can get in the UK.

After dinner we went straight up to the room. We were going to stay down for the magic show, but we were both pretty wiped after another day in the scorching sun and fancied a night in to prepare ourselves for the day of travelling ahead. This totally worked for me. I am such an old lady these days that I am much more of a girly night in, then a girly night out, even when I am holiday.

The travel home was fine, it just felt like a long day of waiting, queuing and flying, but we got back safe and sound, that’s the main thing. I binged watched The Strain while I was on the plane, so that kept me occupied for 4 hours.

Apart from the Monarch scare, the holiday was amazing! I loved spending all that time with my best friend and the place itself was just perfect with amazing weather. What more could I have asked for?

This is the end of my travel part of Lanzarote series, but I will be doing posts about makeup and skincare, especially as I got burnt and some other issues.

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