Welcome back to the series about my Lanzarote holiday, if you want to read part one, click here. 

We left off at the point of landing in Lanzarote Arrecife Airport, waiting for the pilot to find his parking spot.

Upon getting into the airport, it was a generally quick process of getting through passport control and into baggage claim (for an airport, anyways!).

When we had got our bags and went to the Monarch desk, there was no one there to deal with. They had warned us prior that this could be the case and to go to another tour operators desk to find out about our transfers. They hadn’t yet arrived and we were asked to wait, which was fine by us, as it meant we could have a couple of cigarettes, our first since leaving the UK.

After waiting for around 15 minutes, we walked to our transfer bus and starting make our way to the Occidental Lanzarote Playa. The driver must have had a moment, as he actually dropped us off at the wrong hotel. Everyone’s faces were so confused, the sinking feeling of “this isn’t the place we booked”. The driver was sure this was the right place…even though it didn’t have the right name over the door. After he made a quick phone call, back on the bus we go and on our way to our hotel; this time he got the right one.

We arrived at just after 12pm to be told check in wouldn’t be until 3pm, which was fine, apart from my anxiety of whether our room was a nice, or the ‘out dated’ room. They let us know that lunch was starting at 1pm and we can make use of the facilities until the room was ready. 

Looking around the hotel and its facilities, it looked really nice! The pool looked amazing, it was making me feel more positive that we’d definitely picked the right place.

We went for lunch and it was nice. Typically all inclusive,  with lots of variety, we were in our element! There was something for everyone, chips, meats, pizza, salad, pasta, desserts, you name it, they had something. It was the same through breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

A couple of hours later, we finally checked into our room. As soon as I walked through the door…I was thrilled! It was gorgeous, modern, just beautiful! We were so happy!

Laura and myself are very similar when it comes to arriving somewhere, the first thing we must do is unpack! Everything has to be in its place and out of that suitcase. Once we had settled in, we were really happy and started relaxing and getting ready for our first dinner in the hotel. 

Now I won’t walk you through each day, as we spent most days sunbathing by the pool and making sure we got an amazing tan.

We did have a bit of a routine. Getting up for breakfast, get ready to go and sit by the pool and sunbathe, lunch, more sunbathing. Then we’d go up around 5pm to have a bit of a lie down, the sun really does make you tired. We’d then get ready for dinner, minimal make up which I loved! 

Once we finished dinner, we’d sit in the bar area waiting for the entertainment. They had different things every night from Karaoke to Bee Gees tribute. The entertainment team were really good, always trying to get people involved in the games around the pool…not us though…we were there to get our tan on. One day we did venture out of the hotel; I am not one for going exploring, but I am always down for shopping. We ended up going to a local market which sold knock off handbags and lots of hand made wooden gifts. What I purchased were two handprinted, day of the dead skulls. These you will see featured in some of my photos soon.  

Pretty much everyday was sunny, a couple of days it was cloudy, but that didn’t stop you getting a tan. Being by the pool everyday was so relaxing, just got to kick back and take the day as it was. No stress, just hearing the water and everyone talking, enjoying their holiday. 

It was lovely spending a week with my bestie in such a beautiful hotel, getting an amazing tan and eating a lot of food, we had so much fun. 

It feels like it was a year ago now. I miss the relaxation and just being able to unwind, but you have to get back to reality to be able to look forward to your next holiday. 

Now we were due to return on Wednesday, but on Monday breaking news hit that Monarch had gone bust. 

How were we going to get home?…  

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