Well, I am finally back from holiday (even though I am really missing the sun, the balcony and being with the bestie) and sometimes you just have to get back to reality, and it makes you look forward to the next adventure.

I wanted to write about my time in Lanzarote, from the preparation to getting home and of course, everything in between. I will be splitting this one out. This part is more about getting ready for the holiday; the other parts will be the holiday itself, makeup and skincare related.

We started looking properly in August, trying to find somewhere that we both like. We were looking to go back to a place we went to a couple of years ago in Tenerife, but the price of that had gone up and knowing what it was like, we knew it wasn’t worth the money.

Going on holiday in October, there’s only one place you can really go without travelling too much, and get some sun, which is the Canary Islands. We settled upon Lanzarote as we had heard great things about it, we just needed to find the perfect hotel.

I personally think you should always go all-inclusive, as you are getting the best deal, dependant on where you go. Even though I am not a big drinker whatsoever, all-inclusive is definitely still worth it even for the soft drinks, as it can become quite expensive; especially me who loves a good fizzy drink throughout the day. It’s also important to make sure you are keeping hydrated in such hot weather.

After searching through a lot of hotels, we did decide on a few, then changed our mind. I am a very particular and indecisive person, so it’s always difficult for me to settle on a place to go.

We ended up booking a place called Occidental Lanzarote Playa after reading some really good reviews on TripAdvisor; we were really keen on the place. We found the best deal with Monarch Airlines (yes, I will touch upon this in another post), with the airline being such a strong company, I had no hesitation in booking through them. They were really helpful over the phone and very polite, which made the booking experience even better. They put me at ease and made me feel like there was nothing to worry about, but I still did! I am quite an anxious person who can’t seem to settle until every single detail is sorted and even then, I will find something to worry about.

If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I do have a weight issue, so before packing for my holiday, I decided to try on all my holiday clothes. I’m glad I did. It turns out, everything I had taken on my holiday this time last year, didn’t fit. Panic had set in, and internet shopping was my only hope. I didn’t have time to go round the shops as they all closed 30 minutes after I finished work, and there was no way I was going to get shopping done in that time! I decided to order a bulk load of stuff from different websites to see whether I could build myself up a wardrobe for me to take on holiday at a cheap cost. £100 later, I was sorted and that panic was over. This was more than I wanted to spend, but when you have nothing to take suitable for a holiday, it was quite cheap considering I got numerous items.

Before the holiday, I got my hair and nails done of course! Making sure as a girl, I was all ready and packed to go.

The day came for the flight, 3am wake up call, Laura and I were somewhat tired but still excited. Myself? I was getting nervous. I am not the best traveller and I always get that sinking feeling that I have forgotten something important.

On arrival at the airport, we checked in our luggage and went to get some food in the restaurants. I know a lot of people like the airport part, but I am so impatient, and I just want to get going. Some food and cigarettes later, it was already time to board our flight. We couldn’t believe how quickly time had gone,

Getting on the plane was a breeze, but we were quite delayed in actually taking off. Originally the flight was supposed to take 4 hours and 15 minutes, but the pilot announced it would be 3 hours and 55 minutes…Google maps much have said the traffic had died down…hahaha!

We were both ecstatic with our seats on the plane. Not only did we get extra legroom, but no one was sat next to either of us, meaning we could spread out a bit and have a bit more of a relaxing flight.

To distract myself from my fear of flying but also the length of the flight, I watched Friends the entire way, trying to get some sleep at the same time, but I just could not settle down and relax at all.

After a very tiring 4 hours, we were finally in Lanzarote….


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