I am a huge fan of Manny MUA’s Youtube channel, I absolute love watching him as there is something normal about him, friendly, doesn’t come across fake and his videos are just funny. He really knows what he’s talking about in my opinion and I love sitting back at the evening and working through his recent videos and snapchats.

I decided to purchase his collaboration with Jeffree Starr, which to me is the best combo ever, I love JSC products and I love Manny and the fact that they are friends is just great.

Within their bundle there is a highlight and two liquid lipsticks, which I bought from Beauty Bay and they were not cheap.

Eclipse Skin Frost Highlighter 


I was really excited to get this, as I had heard great things about JSC highlights and how blinding they are. I have never purchased a skin frost before, mainly because they were £25.50 and to me, that’s a high price to spend on a highlighter, but I wanted to try this one as the colour looked different to everything I had tried.

Key Points 

  • Price – £25.50
  • Amount of Product – 15g
  • Pale Icy Peach
  • Terrible formula
  • Chalky
  • Big chunks of glitter
  • Overall disappointing

I was really upset with how this highlighter performed and for that amount of money, you’d think it would have been as blinding as a the sun, but no. This wasn’t the biggest problem, I could deal with a highlighter that needed building up but the formula was terrible.

Inside the Highlighter

As soon as I opened it I could see the chunks of glitter falling from the pan, not the best first impression. But when I tried applying it to my face, it looked horrendous, big chunks of chalky glitter on my face, I tried it with different brushes and nothing made it look good. I even scrapped off the top layer in hope that this would look better, as some highlighters do have a weird top layer, but this didn’t change things either.

I persisted…because of the price, I sprayed my brush with fix plus, no change and I also tried another brush, nothing. I decided to spray the highlighter, then spray the brush…basically turned it into a wet highlighter and this did make a massive improvement. But I don’t want to have to through this every time I use it, but it’s better than having chunks of glitter on your face.

Eclipse bad swatch

Without Fix +

Eclipse good swatch

With Fix +

Velour Liquid Lipsticks 

JSC liquid lipsticks are my favourite formula, so I couldn’t wait to try Daddy and I’m Shook. The colours were right up my street, neutral brown and a coral for summer.

Key Points 

  • Price – £16
  • Amount of Product – 0.19 Fl Oz
  • Daddy – Cool Toned Brown
  • I’m Shook – Coral Red
  • Great formula
  • Long Lasting
  • Very little transfer
  • Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
  • I’m Shook has a gorgeous scene, but Daddy didn’t have any scent at all

I am in love with these, the formula is the same as the other Liquid Lipsticks from JSC and they are really long lasting, dry completely matte and to me, they are easy to apply.

I think Daddy is great for an everyday look, like a full base, eyebrows and mascara. The type of colour I would use to pop into town.

I’m Shook is a more standout colour, great for a bold summer look for over the weekend, maybe to a festival.

Daddy Swatch


Im Shook Swatch

I’m Shook

As I said, the formula is my favourite so far and I will always continue to buy them, as they are perfect to me.

Unfortunately the Skin Frost was a big no no for me, I will continue to use it but only because it cost so much, I wouldn’t repurchase.