Trying to think of new ideas for your families Christmas presents?

Well I am going to give you a few ideas, which I hope will help or at least give you an idea to run with.


Mum’s can be quite difficult to buy for, especially something personal to them and I love doing personal presents. My mum basically asks for things for her kitchen, which as a family we do get her, but sometimes you just want to get her something different.

This is actually something I am getting my mum this year, in hope that it helps her. I have gone for a Footspa and trust me, with the amount of research I have done on this, I think I’ve picked a good one.


What do you buy for the most important man in your life? The guy who never asks for anything, making it much harder to find a great present.

You always get the typical socks…Everyone needs socks. But what else could you get him?

All Dad’s like beer, this Personalised Beer Trug is lovely and something all men would appreciated.


My brother loves anything that’s slightly tech and the guys I know do to, especially if it’s anything Batman related.

This Large Batman Logo Mirror is amazing, something I would genuinely buy for my brother (Bro if you’re reading this, I haven’t bought it). Something that would look so cool on their bedroom wall or if you have a great partner in the living room.


There is nothing I love more than having a pamper evening and my sister is exactly the same. Good pamper kits are hard to come by and if you want to save yourself making one from scratch, the best one I have found is from Zoella Snowella Treasure Me. For the price, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck, you have everything you need for the perfect bath.

If you enjoyed the family gift guide, let me know by commenting below, it helps me out.

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