After looking through the internet for new make up to try, I came across the range within Mark and Spencer’s called ‘Rosie from Autograph’. This range is by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the model and actress.

Usually when I go makeup shopping, I tend to by the whole collection, but I was only drawn to a few items and as it was a range I hadn’t tried before, I didn’t want to splurge too much.

I ended up buying two items, this eye shadow palette and a lipstick, the lipstick I will review at another time.

So, I was standing in my local M&S, looking through the Rosie products. My main purpose of going there that day was for the lipstick, but then I came across the eye shadows.

Within the range I was looking through, they had 4 different ones. All containing 4 colours, one for your crease, one for your lid, one to highlight under your brow and the darkest one, which I always use for the outer edges of my lid and along my lower lash line.

I was immediately drawn to the packaging, a gorgeous rose gold, reflective palette, lovely to look at. I started going through the 4 testers to see which palette I thought was best for me.

I decided on ‘I Feel Like a Million Dollars’, even the name of this is catchy. I picked this palette as I thought the colours suited my eye colour, when I tested them, the pigment was good and I loved the gold shimmer colour within it. Just by looking at it, I could tell these were going to be colours I liked.

Neutral, but with a bit of glitz, something you could use at night with a bold lip or if you were going out straight from work, I don’t see why you could use it for a day look.

The pictures I took of this, aren’t very good unfortunately. As I am relatively new to this, I may need to invest in a camera for better pictures and better lighting. The pictures do not show how lovely these colours are. If I do ever get a better picture of me wearing this, I will definitely post for you.

This palette cost £18, which for me is rather expensive, for a quad palette, but these colours are gorgeous, the pigment is good and great to blend out.

If you are a Sparks Member, you could always use your 20% off friends and family vouchers, as they can be used on beauty products. I know when I get my next one, I will be buying more Rosie from Autograph products.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and if you ever want to suggest anything for me to try out and review, please let me know.