My favourite thing to do is having a whole weekend to pamper myself. I am not the most social person and that is by choice, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my family and friends and once I’m out, I love it.

But sometimes I do feel a bit anxious about making plans and going out, just the thought of it sometimes gives me the willies! hahaha! I can be socially awkward and I am not a people person, apart from when I with those I love.

When I get the chance, I love having a pamper weekend, nothing better than having a chill, relax and watch your favourite programmes. For me, this is the best way to unwind after a week at work and using my weekends to completely unwind.

Weekend In Skin

If I am having a full weekend of pamper, I get serious with it, no messing about. I fully go all in with skincare, hair removal, candles, the works.

In a recent post, I talked about Coconut oil, I use this all over my hair as I find it a great mask for putting moisture back into my hair. I literally drench this all over my hair, making sure I don’t miss any spots, now I wouldn’t do this if I have just dyed my hair. Not saying this could strip it, but I have noticed that my dye doesn’t last as long if I do this hair treatment. I leave the oil on my hair for around 2 hours and while I’m waiting I will do some treatment on my face.

Now I don’t use all of these products at the same time, as it’s not necessary, but depending on what my skin needs at the time, I will use them in different orders.

A lot of people won’t talk about this, but what the hell, it’s normal. We all have upper lip hair that drives us mad and naturally a lot of girls remove this. I use Nair’s Upper Lip Kit to remove mine, I just add it into place, wait 4 minutes and remove it, so simple, yet so effective and it doesn’t cost a lot.

My skin requires a lot of treatment sometimes, especially when it comes to my blackheads on my nose and chin. I recently purchased a Charcoal Facial Scrub, which so far, has been doing a great job, I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin and my blackheads. Not saying that are all gone, but I notice them less when applying my foundation, which is great. Again this is cheap and cheerful from a shop called Savers, didn’t see the point in spending lots of money on a facial scrub if I could find one that does the job for less money.

I am obsessed with face masks, my favourite being the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask. This is heaven in a jar for me and I wouldn’t be without it now, I actually avoid looking at other similar masks to this, as I don’t want to be distracted by another. I apply this all over my face with a flat foundation brush and just leave it until I want to wash it off, usually when it’s dry and my face is getting irritated by the limited movement. I have done a post on this before, which you can view here.

Weekend In Bath

The other thing I love doing, is having a really long, very hot bath. I spend hours in the bath, I find it really relaxing, especially if I take all my favourites with me.

When I have a bath, it’s not for washing my hair, it’s purely for relaxation purposes. You always need to have bubbles in your bath, they’re fun, relaxing and smell great. I have no particular one I like, I think they all do the same thing, so I just grab any bottle and whack at least half of it in and set the mood with some candles. I always, no matter what, take my iPad with me, switch Netflix on and let the outside world disappear. At the moment, I use this time to catch up on ‘Once Upon A Time’, which if you like Disney, childhood stories, you’ll love this.

After having a bit of a relax, I love to exfoliate my entire body, I have really rough skin, so I have to exfoliate quite a lot, but it’s one of those jobs I hate doing. I use a glove and always an exfoliator from Soap and Glory and when I am out the bath, I use the Righteous Butter from them as well, gorgeous and makes your skin so soft.

I think every one deserves to take time to relax, whether it’s just an evening or a day, we all need to unwind, it’s important to look after ourselves.

What do you do to unwind, relax, chill?


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