I am obsessed with looking for new products to try. I tend to always lean towards more high street brands, as they are what is accessible to me.

That doesn’t stop me dreaming though. I have put a list together of some high-end makeup products, that I have dreamed of owning. Whether I saw them on Youtube or on another blog, I have heard such good things about them, how could I not add them to my wishlist, a girl can dream, right?



Have you noticed the high volume of foundations I want to try? I think if I could by only one…it would be the Huda Beauty Faux Filter one. Not only is the packaging…GORGEOUS! But I have heard great things about it, especially from Nikki Tutorials. That girl is a full coverage queen, just like me.
I think it is sometimes nice, getting some items together, that you do really want to try. For me, it gives me something to look forward too. Maybe one day, I could treat myself to one of these. If you are doing something in your life, where you want to reach certain goals, each time you do, you could treat yourself to something you want.
For me, my weight has been my biggest challenge and every year I say, “this will be my year” and it never is. 2018, I am making the same vow, and each time I reach a milestone, I could treat myself to one of these items.
I have loads of makeup that I would love to try, most of it in America. I really wish that brands would start coming to the UK. Like Tarte, wouldn’t that be amazing?
What makeup items would you like to try? Whether it’s high-end or just not accessible.
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