We are now half way through the foundation series, I am thoroughly enjoying this series and I really hope you are too.

I love trying to find a high street foundation that can be my go to for every day use. Here we are talking about the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover…let’s see how TOTAL this coverage is:

Here are the claims for this foundation:

“Easy to blend, lightweight and longwearing the Infallible Total Cover Foundation has 30% more pigment, allowing for more coverage using less product. Discover Infallible Total Cover Foundation for a flawless, full coverage base that lasts up to 24 hours. The zero compromise, camouflage formula covers everything from blemishes, redness and tattoos without the overload, while the matte finish leaves you with an even, shine-free base. No compromise. No transfer. No overload.”

Key Points 

  • Full coverage
  • Lightweight feel
  • 9 available shades
  • Matte finish
  • Mousse like thickness
  • 35g tube
  • No mention of SPF
  • RRP £9.99

I have mentioned that their is no comment on SPF, I can’t 100% confirm this doesn’t, but on their website and other sites you can buy this foundation from, there is no information about it. If you are looking for a foundation for indoor use or on days where you do not require an SPF, this is fine, as in photos this would not cause a white flash back. But this is not a foundation I would use on a sunny day due to not knowing whether it has a SPF or not.

The packaging is not very luxurious, even for high street, they haven’t put it in a glass bottle, or done anything fancy, but I think I know why. With this particular foundation and the thickness of the product, that would never work, it’s needs to be in a squeeze tub so you can actually get it out. I think what they have done with the tube is lovely, it’s all matte, which I really like. It’s practical and would be better for travelling then taking a glass bottle.

The coverage of this foundation is outstanding, it really is total cover. It completely covers my face using very little product and I think that’s down to the thickness. Considering the mousse consistency, it blends out really easily.

The one thing I do struggle with is the colour range, I went for the palest colour, which is porcelain. I picked this as the colour shade up from this would have definitely been too dark. Porcelain is very light on my skin, gives me a ghostly look, which I am not keen on. I am very pale, this I know, but this gives an almost white look to your face. This is easily fixed with applying bronzer to the face, but I would be interested in mixing this with another L’Oreal foundation and making a little cocktail, though I am unsure as to whether this would work with the thickness of the foundation.

loreal total cover 2

I was absolutely surprised by how this foundation felt once applied, it was so smooth and gave my face such a flawless look, I couldn’t believe it. Without powder, to touch my face was shocking, it was as soft as a babies bum (not that I know how soft that is…don’t have kids), but I was in utter disbelief to be honest.

This foundation lasts a really long time, I wouldn’t say all day, but it’s still good. I haven’t noticed that this foundation breaks down but I do lose a little coverage around my oily parts though not as much as others. I will say though, you look like you’re wearing makeup when you’re wearing this foundation. Now this could be because it didn’t completely match my skin tone but it doesn’t have a natural look to it and it’s very matte, but my personal preference is a full coverage foundation, which this is.

Final Thoughts 

I think if you’re looking for a thick, flawless, good coverage foundation from the high street, this is a really good one to try. If you are looking for a natural look, don’t pick this one, this is definitely a “I’m wearing foundation” product.

I really like this foundation and it is definitely something I would use again and work on to see whether I can darken it slightly as that’s the only con for me but I still can’t get over how soft it was, I think that’s what sold it to me.

Overall, I would rate this a 8 out of 10, for a girl like me who loves full coverage.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? 

Important Information 

  • All foundations were applied with a beauty sponge (for best application)
  • Before applying the foundation, I moisturised with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, Benefit POREfessional primer and Soap and Glory Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture (secondary primer)
  • All opinions in these posts are my own opinion, everyone is different, if I don’t like a product, it doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t good, it just didn’t work for me
  • All products mentioned, I purchased myself and have not received any benefits for writing these posts
  • I have combination skin, this will always effect the way the foundation works, so bear this in mind when reading the reviews.


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