When I first started blogging, I did a post on my favourite perfumes. A few of them have recently changed and are perfect for a budget, handbag, take it every with you, perfume.

I love being able to use different perfumes every day. Dependant on how I am feeling, I can pick and choose how I smell.

Basically, as long as I don’t smell of crap or BO, I am usually quite happy.

I always know when I have forgotten to put perfume on and it really frustrates me. It’s literally on my side before I walk out of my room. How can I forget?

I am going to start with the newest one in my collection.

Next – Love You Lots

This is something I picked up when I was out with the bestie, doing some much needed retail therapy. It was actually on their Mother’s Day stand, so I am hoping it’s not a limited edition on.

I personally love perfumes from Next. If you haven’t tried them, I would really recommend. For the price, they are doing amazing things that smell amazing!

What drew me to this one, was the packaging. It’s a simple clear bottle with rose gold writing on the bottle. Rose gold, how could I not be sold on that? But also the box was rose gold, which is holding pride of place on my shelves.

I sometimes find it quite hard to describe a smell of a perfume. It’s not the easiest thing to explain to someone, to be honest, or is that just me? I think you have to smell it to know whether you are going to like it.

To me, this perfume smells like Pink Lemonade. It sounds silly, but I really think it does. It has a very floral smell to it, with hints of sweetness to it.

This is definitely a girly perfume and I personally love wearing it. Which is odd, as I do prefer perfumes that aren’t blatantly flowery.

I purchased this for £6, even though it’s quite a small bottle. It’s perfect for popping into your handbag and giving yourself a spritz when you need too. The bottle I got was 30ml and it’s amazing for the price.

Marc Jacobs – Decadence

 Daisy and I was just blown away by the packaging.

Decadence is no exception. The fact that this is shaped like a handbag, wins me over. The beautiful green they use as well is just stunning, makes it look really lavish and definitely luxurious.

I buy perfumes based on what they smell like on people. It’s very rare that I will just walk into a shop and buy a perfume. Love You Lots is the exception. But I always buy based on smelling someone else and asking “what are you wearing?” This is how I discovered Decadence and I am so glad I did.

The smell completely captivates me and every time I wear it, I always get compliments. It has a flowery, woody smell to it, which I adore so much. It sinks into my clothes and really does last well.

I am currently trying to resist from buying another bottle of this, but I do think I might just have to treat myself. I really miss this perfume and I only have a few drops left.

Next – White Amber

I told you, I am obsessed with Next perfumes, I just can’t get enough of them. For such a reasonable price, I have to keep buying them.

This one, I smelt on my sister. Like I said, the best way to find a good perfume is to go around smelling people!

I genuinely thought this was something really expensive when Nick told me it was Next I was blown away. About to go out and immediately buy this, I realised it was Christmas and maybe I should wait for what Santa brings me.

Would you Adam and Eve it? White Amber was waiting for me under my Christmas tree.

This perfume is great for every day, but also evening. It has a fruity scent to it, with a sandalwood undertone. Making it the perfect perfume for me, I do love fruity ones.

The packaging is stunning, with its ombre bottle from clear to white, with a hint of gold goodness. It makes it look much more luxurious and expensive, even though it’s £8 a bottle!

What’s Next? 

I already have my eye on the Pink Macaroon perfume from….shocker…Next! Again, smelt it on a friend from work and now I have the impulse that I must buy it!

What are your current favourite perfumes?

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