Usually this would be the time I would do my Faves and Fails post, but after paying for the holiday and the new wardrobe I had to buy for it due to weight gain. I didn’t have much money left over to buy new products to try.

What I decided to do, was to write a post about the makeup I have used the days I wore it. Apart from occasions out, I wore the same make up the whole month.

When I wake up in the morning for work, the last thing I want to do is put a full face of makeup on. Now when you get to the below, some of you make thing this is a full routine, which it kind of is. But the key thing to this is, that to work, I wear no eyeshadow…I know…criminal right?

My Favourite Saying “Preparation, Preparation, Preparation” 

The key thing to get a flawless base, is to ensure you prep your skin right. Always wash your face, I’m not particularly great with the best soaps to use, I have used various, but never found one that made me go WOW, I currently use a Soap and Glory one. I personally wouldn’t Arecommend, but I don’t like waste, so I continue to use it.

It’s All About The Bass 

I always apply moisturiser before applying my makeup, this just makes sure I get a nice smooth based and keeps my face soft all day.

From there, I apply a pea sized amount of my primer to my checks, chins and slightly on my forehead. This is a pore filling primer as I do have quite big pores on my face, so this just helps to make those areas more smooth to ensure my foundation looks more flawless.

Then comes the foundation, I am a full coverage girl and the Double Wear from Estee Lauder is the best one I’ve tried so far. I apply this with a damp beauty sponge all over my face, avoiding my under eye area, as I find that gets cakey. I use the beauty sponge as I find it get the best coverage and a better application.

I find it hard to find a full coverage, light concealer, so I have to use two to get the job done. Firstly I apply the Maybelline Eye Eraser concealer, but as the shade is a little dark for me, I then apply small dots of the Collection Lasting Perfection to brighten the under eye. But I also use both of these down my nose, in-between my eyebrows and on my chin, just to lighten those areas a little bit more.

I set my under eyes with the RCMA No Colour powder, which is my favourite. It is so finely milled, soft and when applied, makes my skin look flawless. Then I apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to set my entire face to make sure it lasts all day.

Here comes my favourite part, I love using bronzer to contour and warm the perimeters of my face up. This one is from Makeup Revolution, I find it the perfect tone for my skin, without looking muddy or patchy. I apply this to the hollows of my checks, to create a chiselled look, nothing manly, but just to add some definition.

Then I add blusher to the apple of my cheeks, this particular one from Milani gives a gorgeous pink glow to your skin and adds a lovely highlight to my checks that I love.

Good Game, Good Game…Good Eyebrow Game 

I now love doing my brows, it was something I never bothered with and now I have the right tools it is my favourite part…if I get them right. I use the pencil to create the shape I want, this is the best product I have ever used and then I just go over with them with Gimme Brow to set them in place but also to add more colour to the front of my brows and making them look more bushy.

The Finisher 

Then to finish the look, I just whack on a bit of mascara, nothing special for work, just a bit of colour on them and to make them look more defined.

I tend to change the lip up every day, but the one I use the most are these Lip Crayons from Primark for £2 that I am absolutely in love with!! They are gorgeous, this colour especially is lovely, would really recommend them just for an every day look.

So there we have it, this is the makeup look that I use for every day and for work. Nothing special, but just enough to hide up my ugly mug from the public, could get me into trouble one day, so have to ensure I look decent when I am in the light of day.

It roughly takes around 20-25 minutes to do my makeup in the morning, which isn’t too bad and this look lasts all day, which is exactly what I need.

If you have any tips to make this quicker, with the same finish, drop me a message, would love to know how I can save time and spend more of it in bed in the morning.

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