Hello All,

This is going to be a bit of a random one as I won’t be reviewing make up at this time. It is my plan in the future to go out and buy a full face of make up that is cruelty free, show you how I applied it all and my review on the products.

I would like to point out that I do not check whether products are cruelty free when I buy them, but I think all brands should be working towards this. Consider all the big brands in the US such as Kat V Don, Colourpop, Makeup Geek are all cruelty free. There should be more brands available in the UK drug stores, in my opinion to give the customers more options to pick from.

Doing this research made me realise how difficult it is to go into your local Boots, Superdrug, House of Fraser and Debenhams to find products that they can use. Even more difficult if you wish to purchase vegan friendly products (I also researched this at the same time).

To me, foundation is a staple product in every girls make up bag. If you were looking for a drug store brand, you would really struggle from the research I did.

*Disclaimer – this is internet based research, please do not rely on the below information. This is just research I did myself based on foundation products. Please google to confirm any of the below, as you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.  Be aware that not ALL products from these brands will necessarily be cruelty free, always check before you buy. 

  • NYX Cosmetics
  • Superdrugs own brand
  • Stila
  • Barry M
  • GOSH Cosmetics
  • Bare Minerals
  • Bella Pierre
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Cover FX
  • Nars
  • Urban Decay
  • Kat Von D
  • Too Faced
  • The Body Shop

There may be more brands available, but this is what I found when doing research on foundation only.

When I first started researching this I was horrified, most of the make up that I wear on a day to day basis is tested on animals but also the amount of brands that aren’t cruelty free is astounding.

Looking at the above names, most of them are high end drug store products AND most of them aren’t available to buy in store, you would need to purchase them online.

How would you colour match online for the first time buying a new product?

This, to be honest, shocks me. Could you imagine going out make up shopping and being this restricted with brands?

I decided to ask one of my friends who as a vegetarian really struggles to find brands that are vegetarian/vegan/cruelty free. This is what she had to say (great write up…personally think she should have a blog as this is something she is so passionate about and her make up always looks amazing!).

“As a vegetarian and animal lover, it can be very hard to find products on the market that vegetarian/vegan/cruelty free friendly.

Personally I always try and go for the products where there has been the least animal involvement possible.

Unfortunately due to lack of transparency with some companies, it’s sometimes hard to find out which beauty products are cruelty free or vegetarian/vegan friendly. The one misconception made as well is that cruelty free doesn’t always mean they will be veggie friendly due to animal products being used in the ingredients.
There are too many companies out there priding themselves on being cruelty free without the back up of certification from leaping bunny or peta. These companies may not test on animals directly but the raw ingredients they have purchased may have already been tested.

I’ve found a lot of beauty product representatives to not actually know the facts about the products they sell, claiming that the company only sells cruelty free (which is not necessarily always the case if they sell products in China which requires animal testing by law) and whether the products are vegan/vegetarian.

For someone like myself who would prefer vegan products primarily, you have to do a lot of the leg work and research yourself before you go shopping. This is the only way you can be 100% sure. I wouldn’t be able to go into a high street store and just be able to pick up any old product because the information isn’t generally available to you. It would be so useful if companies would make this more transparent so people could make a more informed choice on their purchases. Restaurants make it clear in their menus what is vegetarian so why isn’t this happening in the high street stores for products that contain animal products?

The Majority of the Kat Von D range is high quality from experience and better than most top brands.

The best lists I have found to help me when I’m out shopping are http://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/list-of-cruelty-free-brands/ which gives a break down of companies based on whether they are certified cruelty free or not and http://www.moadore.co.uk/p/cruelty-free.html?m=1

I generally go by the rule of if it isn’t showing a leaping bunny symbol or I confirm through reputable sources that the products are cruelty free I won’t buy them.”

The reason I asked my friend Sophie (shout out!!) for her opinion is because, I can write about this but as it’s not a personal struggle for myself but I do think it’s important to be educated on this. I thought it would be better to get an insight from someone who really knows about this. I think Sophie has really smacked the nail on the head here!

What are your thoughts about cruelty free products? Is this something you consider when you buy your make up?