Well…I think they win the award for the longest title for a product.

I decided to place an order with Colourpop after having a slight obsession with hearing about their products. Due to me living in the UK, I was worried about the custom charges, but after doing a little research, I decided to go with it and put an order through.

I ordered a new one of products, this being one of them. The main reason being that I’d seen a swatch of the colour ‘Tiny Chum’ and I really wanted to try it out. After looking online, I saw this collection that included this colour and thought this would be a really good/money effective way of trying the product out and get 4 further colours.

Inside the collection, they are 5 different colours, providing 0.02oz’s of product and 2 different formulas.

Mimmy: Ultra Matte Lip 


Tiny Chum: Ultra Satin Lip 


Milk Bottle: Ultra Matte Lip 


Lock Diary: Ultra Satin Lip 


Ribbon: Ultra Matte Lip 


I absolutely love everything single colour, it gives you all different looks, providing one for every occasion. You have neutrals, mauves, reds and pinks and I think the collection is gorgeous.

On arrival, I was slightly disappointed by the size of the products, they are very small but it’s good for testing out which formula you like and what colour has a good pay off.

I have been purchasing a lot of liquid lipsticks recently and these are my current favourites, so far (I have purchased more since that I am currently trying out).

I have to be honest though, with the amount of people online that love these formulas, I do have to disagree. I love it when it comes to putting it on, the common doe-foot applicator, but for me the staying power wasn’t that great. For me, it’s not one of those I could put on in the morning and not have to re-apply throughout the day.

I found that it crumbled on the inside and the sides of my lips, it would come off quite easily. But please bear in mind that I am a hefty coffee drinker, so the transfer onto cups etc. would be quite bad, effecting the longetivity of the liquid lipstick.

Overall, I love the colours that Colourpop provide and so far, they do have my favourite formula out of the ones I have tried. I will continue to use them, would I purchase more, I don’t know, mainly because of the custom fee.

I wanted to discuss this at the end, as after all, this is a product review, but for those who are interested, like me, I wanted to tell you about the custom fees. In total, I bought 8 products, costing $86.40, converting £69.68. There was no delivery charge, as Colourpop offer free delivery to anyone who spends over $50.

I did do some research on custom charges before ordering, so I knew what to expect. The post man arrived at my door 9 days after my order, providing me with a slip to say how I can collect my delivery from my local sorting office and how much I needed to pay on arrival, which was just under £25.

It was a good experience to be honest, better than I thought it was going to be. I would probably do it again, but I am in no rush to at the moment, especially with my spending ban.

As always, I have you have enjoyed reading this and there will be more Colourpop reviews on it’s way.

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