It’s a makeup review post and I am bringing you one that has been a year in the making. Mainly as I didn’t realise I hadn’t done one. So here I am, ready to share my opinion on the Super Shock Shadows.

Why can’t we have good access to makeup from the States, without it costing us a fortune? My bank account would be phoning me daily, asking if my card had been stolen. But I’d be happy in the knowledge, that I had all the makeup I desired.

What I Bought and Why?

Firstly, I decided that I must have the collection that Kathleen Lights had collab with them on. Kathleen is without a doubt, one of my idols when it comes to the YouTube world. So in her honour, I purchased the “Where The Light Is” and the “Where The Night Is” foursome.

I then wanted to pick up two singles from outside of these collections. One because I wanted to see if they were any different, but also it was a gorgeous recommendation from Kathleen.

The Shades

Where The Light Is Bundle 

GLOW – Beautiful creamy vanilla colour, which is matte. Great for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone for a subtle look.

CORNELIOUS – A hot caramel colour, again matte. I use this as a transition colour, but great for an all over quick lid shade.

KATHLEENLIGHTS – A stunning copper satin colour. Stunning for a bright eye look.

BLAZE – Soft brown with a glimpse of glitter running through it. Good for a soft smoky look, but glammed up.

Where The Night Is Bundle 

TELEPATHY – Hard to describe, but a stunning Batman yellow satin colour. Never seen anything like this before. It’s a WOW colour.

WEENIE – An ultra metallic, soft rose gold colour. Stunning and so pigmented.

PORTER – A deep red wine with glitter running through it. Amazing colour and pay off. One swipe will shock you.

MIDNIGHT – Exactly what it’s called. It’s like the midnight sky, glitter reflex acting like stars. Great for smoky looks with a pow of glitter.


WATTLES – AMAZING dusty pink colour with a satin finish. Great for the crease, but also all over the lid.

MUSE – Very pigmented rose gold colour, strong in pigmentation and deeper than weenie.



The Outside Always Counts

Packaging is something that always appeals to me. Now I don’t expect high end, lavish packaging, especially for high street prices. But what I do want is something that is appealing and sturdy. This ticks all the boxes for me.

I am usually a palette kind of girl, but there is something about the packaging of these singles that I find really pleasing to the eye. I also find the twist lid perfection, as it keeps the product clean but also safe. The holographic logo on the top, is just beautiful as well, with the name of the product on the bottom, with in-depth detail about the weight, type etc.

I love the fact the packaging is white, it’s clean and stunning. The only downside of that is, they do get marked by product easily. But with a quick wipe, it looks brand new all over again.

What About The Inside?

Packaging draws me in, but it’s the product that makes me stay. I had heard great things about Colourpop eyeshadows, especially the Super Shock ones. There metallic range as great press, and there is a good reason for that.


Now just look at those colours and tell me they are not stunning! Those metallics are literally blinding and so pigmented. But they mattes are just as nice and the satins….oh my god!

Without a doubt, my favourite is wattles. This is the one I have used the most and have been obsessed with since I got it. But I always have it in the back of my head that if I run out, I’m screwed! Yes, these shadows are incredibly cheap for the quality and if I lived in the US I would have 10 backups. But to get this sucker in the UK, the customs are high!

But wattles is the perfect shade and is so creamy and soft to apply. This has been to my go-to recently, applied all over the lid then a dark brown on the outer corner…PERFECTION!! When I run out of this colour, I will be distraught!

I have to be honest, I am obsessed with the formula of these shadows, they are without a doubt my top favourite. For $4 a piece (just under £3) I would buy them all, especially the satins and the metallics, they are beyond compare! The sets are a bit more pricey, but if you didn’t want those, there are plenty of singles to choose from.

Have you tried any Colourpop products?

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