I started using Clinique Skin Care just over a month ago now.

I decided to do this because I thought it was about time I looked after my skin, as I’ll appreciate it more when I am older.

I am quite lazy when it comes to doing anything, so it needed to be something quick, easy and got the job done.

After doing some research on the internet, I decided to check out the Clinique range. I’d heard some great things about their 3 step skin care regime and thought I would give that a go.

My skin, is very dull, dry and lacks radiance, so I needed something to assist me with this. But my main thing was to make sure it was hydrated and stop the spots, as I was prone to a break out at least once a month.

I went into my local House of Fraser and spoke to the lady at the Clinique counter, who was really helpful. She did an analyse of my skin and told me exactly where on my face had issues. Which I think it great, as she told me things I wasn’t ever aware of, so I would definitely recommend getting a skin consultation from any brand. As this will help you identify any problems and what you can do to rectify them. Without this I, wouldn’t have been aware of anything.

Turns out, my skin is dry combination. She showed me what products I would need and how to use them, so lets get onto the review.

Step One
Liquid Facial Soup – £16.50

This comes in a 200ml bottle, there is loads in there for the price and you only need one pump of the soap for your entire face.

Like I said, I have been using this for a month now, in the morning and evening, but it’s barely made a dent in it. My estimation is that this will last for 5-6 months.

I run the hot tap and dampen my hands, pump the soup and rub my hands together to lather it up. This lathers up easily and you don’t need much. I rub this onto my face and wash as normal.

There isn’t much smell to this product, which I actually prefer, has a quite clinical smell to it in fact.

My skin gets quite irritated with soap and causes break outs or dryness, where this product makes my face feel fresh and clean. Livens me up in the mornings, as I am not a morning person at all.

This product has not dried out my skin or caused breakouts, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the same skin type as me.

Step 2
Clarifying Lotion (2) – £16.50 for 200ml or £26.50 for 400ml

This bottle comes in two sizes, I went for the 400ml as it was on offer. I am a sucker for a bargain/offer.

There are two things about this product I don’t like, very minor though.

One, why it’s called a lotion I don’t know. This really annoys me as it’s not a lotion at all.

Two, I wish it had a pump dispenser instead. I have been searching for one of those pumps you can add to the top and just place the cotton pad on top of it, push down and it dispenses itself.

This is me being really picky though, just a personal preference, nothing about the product itself.

When I bought this, she warned me about the content of alcohol in it, I think this was because of a few articles about whether alcohol in face products is necessary. Maybe I’ve missed something, which could be likely as I really don’t pay attention to news at all.

Again, the product has no fragrance to it, apart from the distinct smell of alcohol, just making it smell quite clinical.

On my first try of using this, I was a bit unsure. I wasn’t keen on the smell or the way it made my face feel, made it quite tight. But now I absolutely love using it, makes my face feel completely clean.

I was shocked to see the amount of make up on cotton pad to be honest. Baring in mind that I use 2 products to take my make up off, the facial soap and then the cleansing lotion and I still have make up on.

This reassures me now, that my face is completely clean before I go to bed and before I put make up on in the morning.

I have also noticed a massive improvements on my spots, I still have 1 or 2 but they clear up so much quicker now and I put it down to this product drying them out.

As I use the number 2 product for dry combination skin, I wouldn’t be able to comment on the other bottles, but I will be purchasing this again. I would say this bottle will last me at least 6 more months.

Step 3

I use two products for the final step, morning and evening.

Morning: Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion – various prices from £18-£30

I bought the bottle which is 200ml, unfortunately I can’t tell you the price of this, as again it was on offer and a limited edition as it was supporting Breast Cancer.

They do a similar one now which is 125ml for £30, but I didn’t spend this much on the 200ml bottle.

I do like this cream, mainly because it has a pump, so it’s easy to apply. Again, there is no scent to this really just a fresh smell. I personally prefer products for my face not to have any fragrance, but if you do, these products are definitely not for you.

When I apply this, I do feel I need quite a lot of it, 2-3 pumps, to moisturise my whole face. I think its good for a day cream, as it’s not very softening, which would be no good if applying make up.

I personally feel this cream is good underneath make up, I haven’t noticed it change the way my make up applies or make it slide off my face, which some creams can do if they are too softening.

This product also looks like it is going to be long lasting and I would say I have another 6-7 months left before I would need to purchase it again.

Overall, I do like this product, but unsure whether I would pay the £30 for a smaller bottle.

Evening: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – £34 for 50ml

I actually have a tester of this cream, which I got free after buying the 3 other products. I received a 15ml tub of this and I would say this will last me another 4-5 months.

I absolutely love this cream, it is so unbelievably good and makes my skin so soft, silk like in fact, before I go to bed.

The only thing I don’t like, again a personally preference, is the fact it’s in a tub. With my nails, it’s hard to get the product out, but I have come up with a system for this now.

I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone who is looking to get softer skin. I would not use this for a day cream, applying make up after using this would affect the coverage and the longevity.

For the whole 3 step skin care regime, I would recommend it to those who are looking to splash out. The products are quite expensive, but I think the price is good considering how long the products could potentially last.

I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin. Less spots, my dry skin has improved and my skin feels more alive.

I have had comments about how my face looks more brighter and even my dark under eyes circles have improved.

My make up is a joy to apply now, it doesn’t show my dry skin patches.

I will continue to use these products and this will definitely be my skin care plan from now on.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions, please contact me.

xx <3 xx