I love working with this girl! She is a babe, and also one of my blogging besties! Any opportunity I can get to collab with her, I will. So here is a Q&A we put together, based around Christmas. Make sure you head over to Jessica Jade Beauty to see what her answers were.

Grab a brew, a snack and enjoy guys.

When do you feel like it’s Christmas? 

Once the decorations are up in my house, watching Christmas movies with my mum and sister. I love sitting down and writing my Christmas cards, which reminds me, I need to do them! Also hearing Christmas songs on the radio, definitely makes me feel in the spirit.

Who’s your favourite person to buy presents for? 

I love buying for everyone to be honest. I always try and get something thoughtful for people and when they open it and realise why I’ve bought it, it makes me feel so happy. I have to say I have really enjoyed buying presents for my sister this year. Last year she was someone I really struggled with, especially as I left everything to the last minute. I feel like this year I am more organised, and I have absolutely nailed my sister’s presents. I haven’t bought anything big or extravagant, but everything I have bought has a meaning,

What is your favourite Christmas film? 

I have lots to be honest, but The Santa Claus is the one that makes me feel Christmassy. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is my all time favourite, I watch it every year and I still love it as if it’s the first time I am watching it. It just makes me laugh so much, “MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL!”

What is your favourite Christmas song? 

This is a hard one for me, I absolutely love music, I live for it. But if I had to pick one, I’m going to pick the one that makes me feel like Christmas is here. So it has to be Merry Xmas Everyone; there is something about this song that makes me feel Christmassy. There are loads more that I love, but this one pops my Christmas cherry.

Wrapping presents or Gift boxes? 

Oh man, I am the worst wrapper ever! I try to avoid it at all costs, as it literally looks like I did it with my eyes shut. Every year, my Dad and my siblings get together to wrap my Mum’s presents, which I love…but I am in charge of the sellotape, so that says it all. So I would preferably go for the gift bag, but I don’t think you get the full effect without having that paper to rip open, like you’re a child all over again.

Real or artificial tree? 

Real every time! You cannot beat the smell of a real, fresh tree. Every year, my family get a real tree and I think even when I get my own place, I will continue to get a real tree.  The only downside is that it means our tree is up much later than most peoples.

Your favourite Christmas memory? 

I don’t really have a specific memory that I could pick out. I just love Christmas day. In the morning, opening all the presents with your family; It’s like nothings has changed since we were children. I get up and I am like the little elf, who goes under the tree gets all the presents and lays them out in a pile for each person. Then just sitting by them and opening our presents and seeing everyone’s faces. It’s my favourite thing every year.

How do you spend your Christmas? 

Well after the presents, we tend to all go back to our bedroom, taking our presents with us. Get washed, dressed and whack a load of makeup on, then start helping with the prep of the canapes and dinner. Then it’s just food, drink and merriment and enjoying each others company really. We usually watch a Morecambe and Wise programme in the evening, once we are stuffed and starting to get sleepy. It’s just nice spending time with the family and having a laugh.

What is included in your Christmas dinner? 

Oh we could be here for a while: I am just going to list them. Turkey, Beef, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings, little sausages, stuffing, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, parsnips and red cabbage. Then you have the gravy, cranberry sauce and the horseradish.

Star or angel on top of your tree? 

We have a 40 year old angel on top of our tree, who will never be replaced. There will be pistols at dawn when it comes to who gets the angel one day. We have never named the angel, but she definitely has a drink problem and we think she goes to AA from New Year to the next Christmas. This is because the damn thing will never stand upright on top of the tree, she is always leaning slightly to one side, like she’s had a few beverages.

When do you start Christmas shopping?

As soon as bloody possible! I will never leave it late like I did last year, the stress was unreal. I now started around September to ensure I have plenty of time to at least get a few ideas together, so I am prepared.

How many people do you buy for? 

In total it would be 11 people, which doesn’t sound much, but I get quite a lot for each person.

Your favourite present you have bought someone, in previous years? 

If I am being completely honest, I have a bad memory when it comes to what I have bought people in the past. The one that springs to mind from last year, was what I bought for my Dad. He is quite partial to sweets, especially the milk bottle kind. Last year I found a milk caddy, that had 6 plastic milk bottles in it, each filled with different type of milk bottle sweets. I just thought it was a really cool present and the layout was brilliant.

Do you have anything on your Christmas list this year? 

I haven’t really asked for much to be honest, the odd leisure suit and PJ set. I don’t tend to ask for a lot anymore, as I prefer the surprise of not knowing and seeing what people would buy me.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration? 

I absolutely love fairy lights, I want them up all year long, as they are like little stars. I would literally decorate my room in them, as I think they are genuinely so pretty. But obviously, the angel is probably my favourite, because it’s been in the family for so long.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a bit better, especially my Christmas traditions. Please use these questions if you would like to do something similar and then let me know, would love to read them.

Don’t forget to head over to Jessica Jade Beauty, to see her answers, I can’t wait!

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