Hello Everyone!

I am absolutely ecstatic to be nominated for another blogger recognition award. I would like to take this time to thank you beauty Nida from Shopaholic Blogs, make sure you head over to her page and check it out.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you while providing a link to the blog site

I have done this above, but please make sure you check her blog out, from a fellow shopaholic to another, it’s great!

  • Discuss the reason for starting the blog and talk a little bit about it.

I started my blog as I have always loved writing, I have attempted to write blogs before, but I would always give up after a certain time as I felt I didn’t have enough to write about.

About 7 months ago, I really started to get more and more obsessed with make up and beauty products. Don’t get me wrong, always been keen but I started spending a lot more time researching products and spending time really thinking about the products I was buying.

I noticed I was giving advice to friends and family about makeup tips and products to try and decided “why not share my opinion with everyone?”.

I had used wordpress before and thought I’d set up a page. As time goes on I am getting more and more passionate about blogging and really want to make a go of it, it’s become like my 2nd job and I think about ways to improve it all day long.

  • Give 2 advices to fellow bloggers/readers.

Don’t run before you can walk – I wanted to make the page as professional as possible and got really carried away with myself. I sat back and spoke to a fellow blogger and I decided it was too soon for that. Make sure you get your blog consistent before going professional and spending money on it. It’s better to make sure you have a loyal following first and having set days that you post. Get the basics first and then move up.

I mentioned it briefly about, but be consistent. Set yourself days to post and do it weekly. This is something I am struggling with myself at the moment but I understand the importance of it. Organisation is key!!


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Inform all the nominees by commenting on their blog.

I will do that once this has been posted.

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