FINALLY…I have got round to reviewing last months Birchbox.

I know I have already posted today, but it wasn’t really beauty related, so wanted to put something else up.

I decided last month that I wanted to subscribe to a beauty box, after a lot of research, I decided to go for Birchbox.

The reason I went for this, was there seemed to be good reviews and from what I gathered, the products you receive are from good brands. Now I can’t say they are not, but unfortunately for my first box, I wasn’t really that impressed. I thought as it was December, it would be a bit more….WOW, Christmas spirit and all that.

When it arrived, I was quite surprised how small the box actually was, it wasn’t tiny, but wasn’t what I expected. It was a very nice design and looked pretty. I thought they might have gone for some sort of Christmas theme, but it was anything but. The contents on the box were the products themselves and a leaflet, which explains each product, how much it retails for, what it’s like and how you use it. I did like this as it gives you exactly all the information you require to use each product.

Now one of the reasons I went for this one, was the fact they were giving a Bobby Brown Mascara and as I had put in my profile, I was more interested in makeup products, I did think maybe I’ll be in luck and get this product, unfortunately I was wrong. Everybody get’s a variety of different products and it all depends on your profile. On their website, they show you the POTENTIAL products you could receive. In my opinion, they shouldn’t do that, as it can be a bit disheartening if you don’t get the ones you would want.

They were also advertising that each box would have a full sized Ciate eyeliner and I was in the market for a new one. You would also get one benefit product. I was excited to see which Benefit product I would get, unfortunately I received my least favourite.

Let me show you what was in my Birchbox and my opinion on each product.

1. Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream 

RRP- £39 

Rating – 1/10 

On receiving this product, I was quite excited, as I always wanted to try this brand, but it’s a little out of my price range. I also use to have an obsession on skin care products, until I found my perfect ones.

Now in the leaflet they describe this as a cream that locks in the hydration and improves your skins texture.

Sadly, this product was just not for me, it actually ended up irritating my skin, so unfortunately my review isn’t going to be great as I couldn’t use this product to it’s full potential.

I did try it again on the off chance I was just having a day where my skin was just being overly irritable, but the same thing happened again and I had to remove it after 5 minutes.

It wasn’t an allergic reaction, but just made my face feel uncomfortable. Felt quite puffy, itchy and tight. It didn’t break me out, but my face didn’t feel hydrated, just irritated.

This is nothing against the brand and wouldn’t stop me trying any of their other products, it’s just this one didn’t work for me personally.

2. Ciate London (full size) Fierce Flicks Eyeliner 

RRP – £15 (on the Birchbox website) 

Rating – 2/10 

As mentioned above, I was in the market for  new eyeliner, so thought this would be a good opportunity to try out a new brand.

I wouldn’t say this eyeliner is terrible, but again, it just wasn’t for me, I found it quite difficult to apply and get a clean line with it.

On my hand it was quite pigmented and seemed to glide well, but when I went to apply it, it didn’t seem like it wanted to go on. I kept having to go over the same line again and again, which was really frustrating.

When I finally applied it, the line just looked uneven, no matter how many times I tried to straighten it out, it just wouldn’t. I could not get a smooth line, it’s hard to describe but to me it looked bumpy.

Considering it’s £15, I wouldn’t purchase this, my £6 Soap and Glory eyeliner, is so much better.

3. Benefit Benetint

RRP – £24.50 

Rating – 3/10 

This blog isn’t going well so far, unfortunately I wasn’t keen on this product either. I am a huge fan of Benefit products and I have seen this in the shops, but never felt the need to buy it, so when I received it, I was quite disappointed. Firstly because the other products they had to send would have been much more suited to me and secondly it wasn’t a product I wanted to try but then again that can some time pay off if you end up liking the product, on this occasion, I didn’t.

The leaflet says this product is to be used to give you a natural flush with no touch ups. To be used on the cheeks and lips and basically stains the skin.

I can see the point of this product, give a natural colour on the cheeks and to stain the lips to give you a little colour without wearing a lipstick.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a product for me, I much prefer a blusher and a lipstick. On the lips it didn’t really make much of a difference, my lips are naturally quite pink, so this product didn’t seem useful.

I tried this on my cheeks you put 3 strokes on and blend, it does give a hint of a natural flush to the cheeks, but again, you could spend the fraction of the cost on a blusher and get the exact same affect.

I am glad I’ve tried this product, but it wouldn’t be something I would repurchase. I love Benefit Cosmetics, but this one isn’t something I would use again.

4. Percy and Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm 

RRP – £18 

Rating – 6/10 

I love the smell of this product, when I’ve applied it, I can’t stop smelling my hair, look a bit weird doing it all the time.

Now this is supposed to do a few things, moisturises, boosts shine, smooths, softens, protects and speeds up styling. You apply it to towel dried hair, from root to tip.

I can’t say this it does all of the above, I actually can’t get past the smell, it’s just gorgeous. But I would say my hair looks shinier, softer and feels smoother. Whether it protects from styling with the hairdryer and straightener, I don’t know, but my hair does feel less drying and I love the shine it has at the moment.

This is a product I will continue to use and a little goes a long way, so I won’t need to repurchase it for a while, great sample size Birchbox.

Would I purchase once I’ve finished this sample, I don’t know, £18 is quite expensive and I’m not really into my hair care products. Something I’ll have to think about when I’ve finished the bottle as to whether it is worth it or whether there is something similar in the high street stores.

5. Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts and Mango Body Lotion 

RRP – £3.99 

Rating – 7/10 


I am in love with this product, the smell is out of this world, again, once I’ve applied it, can’t stop smelling myself.

The leaflet says it smells like Pina Colada…now I don’t know whether that’s true, I’ve never had one…but if they do, I now want one…bathe in it.

Now this product doesn’t actually claim to do anything, just says it’s packed with nourishing vitamin E and fruit extracts, well this is what it says on the Birchbox leaflet.

This surprises me, doesn’t say it smoothed your skin, hydrating, soften etc. But it does say to massage into your skin focusing on dry patches. So to me surely this is a moisturiser to help with dry skin.

So I put it to the test, I have really dry elbows, so after I had a bath I applied this and I have to say, they do feel smoother.

This is a product I would repurchase, just based on the smell to be honest, but also for my elbows, if it helps with that, I’m happy and the price is amazing.

Well that’s everything, I hope you enjoyed this blog, don’t forget to follow my page and comment below with your opinion/suggestions.

Love, Jackie xXx