Now, I know I said my last Birchbox was my last, but I might have forgot about the one I got last month.

Amika: The Shield Style Extending Spray 


So I wasn’t overly blown away by this spray, I didn’t really notice it make any difference to my hair at all, which is a shame as I would really like to find a product that helps against straightening that really works. I have tried to lay off using heat on my hair as it’s really drying it out, so I was excited to receive this product.

The one thing I do really like about this product, is the smell, it smells gorgeous and leaves my hair with a gorgeous scent that lasts for ages.

Sadly, I wouldn’t use this product again and wouldn’t rate it at all.

Marcelle Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes 


I love a good eye make up remover, it’s so satisfying when you remove all that mascara of your lashes.

Now with this product, it is amazing at removing ALL eye make up. I soaked the cotton pad, place this on my eye so it can really break down the make up and then wipe away, it’s amazing. But the only downside to this is it leaves an awful greasy substance on my face, which is so bad, it’s put me off using on a daily basis. The only time I use it now is if I am wearing full eye make up, eyeliner, the lot, as then it’s worth using. Daily make up, I just stick to micellar water and cleansing.

I think this is a really good product and removes eye make up brilliantly, but it’s just a shame that it has that greasy substance.

Balance Me Instant Lift Primer 


So the claims for this primer is that it is supposed to deminish pores and lines, which this completely does.

BUT the smell is horrendous, I understand that this is a natural product but MY GOD the smell, it’s like putting lemon flash on your face.

I tried using it numerous times to see if I could get over the smell, but it is so strong, I just couldn’t get over it.

For this reason, I can’t ever use this product again, the smell is just so overwhelming.

Korres Santorini Vine Showergel 


Just your typical shower gel, smells very fruity and lathers up great. It doesn’t take much to impress me when it comes to shower gels, as long as they smell nice, which this does, but it has an underlying clinical smell, if that makes sense.

This retails for £8 for a 250ml bottle, I could never warrant spending that on a shower gel when you can go into Superdrug and by a decent one for no more than £2.

Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip 


Now this I was a bit skeptical of when I heard about it and I was overjoyed when I found out I was getting one in the Birchbox, as it saved me having to purchase it my self…win, win.

After trying this, I personally don’t get the concept of the double lip. It’s flat on the top and has two colours, one acting as a lip liner. I picked the colour Lusty Rose, which is a gorgeous pink colour, the the lip liner being a mauve colour.


I like it, but to me the lip line effect doesn’t work, it’s not noticeable. The packaging is really cute though and I do like the twist at the bottom, but I don’t know whether this is just on the sample size.

Overall, would I purchase this again? No..but I will continue to use the sample size as it is a lovely colour that I can use during the spring time.

So this is DEFINITELY my last Birchbox review, but look forward to my upcoming Glossy Box review.

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